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D-Day adds a dose of reality to drama.

D-Day – This is one movie that’s so close to the heart of every Indian that it deserves to be made tax free.

This movie by Director Nikhil Advani deals with the subject of a fictional operation called “Operation Goldman” which deals with Indian intelligence agency RAW and how it battles indian politics, red tape and of course Pakistani agency ISI to extract don Dawood Ibrhaim from Karachi to Delhi

Yet the movie is free from jingoism. It does not rely on indestructible stars, relies on an honest script. Great story that is relatable, not outlandish that makes you tune off right after the first fifteen mins. so overall good direction and good performances by everyone including Arjun Rampal who plays a rebellious agent and ex army officer. The character of Dawood is very believable.

This is a movies for the multiplexes. the guys in the front rows can keep their change.

Irfan Khan is awesome as usual and manages to strike the emotional bond with the audience. Huma Qureshi looks the part of an agent and a master of disguises and explosives. Rajpal Yadav in a special appearance and item number is a natural actor. Shruti Hassan who till date has only proved that she has her mothers hot looks breaks that image and proves in this movie with her acting skills that she truly indeed is Kamal Hassan’s daughter. She truly manages to steal your heart in this one. But the man who manages the show the main protagonist and the hero of the movie is character Dawood Ibrahim played superbly by veteran actor Rishi Kapoor who steals the show with his dialogues and perfect makeup to suit his part. the parts where manmohan sonia puppet relationship is shown manages to bring some humour to otherwise very serious movie

This movie also brings to the fore that how much red tapism is stopping our intelligence agencies from functioning properly how difficult a life the spies of our country face and the climax of the movie will make you stand up and clap in admiration at director Nikhil Advani’s vision for a better less forgiving less lenient India.

Four star Rating from me.

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