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Cristiano Ronaldo’s bizarre ROFL ad

Soccer stud Cristiano RonaldoÔÇÖs awesome football skills and of course his drool worthy good looks have pocketed him millions worth of endorsements. Cristiano reportedly takes home a cool┬á$52 million per year just from endorsements. So what on earth was he thinking when he signed up to endorse something as ridiculous as a Japanese face exerciser.

Cristiano recently starred in an ad for a Japanese company named Pao that has come up with this silly product. This bizarre and hilarious ad shows Cristiano using the face exerciser is a complete laugh riot. DonÔÇÖt know if the product sales have boomed but the video has definitely created quite a buzz of social media by garnering more than 2 million views and still counting.

Even CristianoÔÇÖs good looks couldn’t save this ad from making it to the weirdest ad list. One wonders if celebrities really believe in the products they are endorsing or simply do it for the money. It clearly looks like the moolah was too hard for Cristiano to let go. Or is the secret behind his chiselled face this very strange face exerciser. Well only Cristiano knows the real reason for endorsing a face exerciser. To light up your dull day this ad is just what you need. For side-splitting laughter itÔÇÖs a must-watch.

Maybe Cristiano is better off playing football. And as far his great looks and endorsements are concerned he should definitely stick to his innerwear campaigns. Come on Cristiano you can do better than this.

Watch CristianoÔÇÖs weird and funny ad


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