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Crazy Things that happen on Day 1 of Internship

In todayÔÇÖs world, learning has become tough. Students need to go for an internship to┬áfind out that┬áconcepts learned in class are all bunkum, and real world at the work place┬áis┬á┬á”complex and dynamic”.

I faced ┬ásuch a┬á┬áreality check. As┬áI moved closer to this period of ÔÇÿon-the-jobÔÇÖ training there┬áwas this concoction of excitement, apprehensions, and a fear of the unknown. With butterflies in┬áthe stomach I started the first day, hoping it would go well.

But what if things happen contrary? What if I am made to remember the day for all the unexpected, crazy things?



You might be wondering what I am talking about. Well hereÔÇÖs an account of all such crazy things from the first day of my first ever internship. BEWARE; they could happen with you too.

  • You are not an insomniac but you may strangely have a sleepless night before the D-day. Why? Because from ages you have been a late riser and youÔÇÖre totally convinced that you will not be able to get up by┬á7am┬áthe next day.
  • You are doing your internship in a city as new as this city is to me (I have been here for three months only). You go to one of the busiest and apparently well connected areas of the city assuming that youÔÇÖll get a bus from there to your office. After standing there for fifty minutes, you finally get one, and find that there is more in store for you.
  • If you are one like me who avoid auto-rickshaw services on grounds that they charge inexplicably exorbitant fares then get ready to shell out money because even after travelling for over an hour in the bus you might have to take an auto to reach your office. Yes you read it right!
  • You might feel cheated when you make all possible efforts, like climbing five floors instead of waiting for the lift, just to reach the office in time, and then find out that your team leader is busy in a meeting and will only meet you after lunch break.
  • Your physically and mentally taxed being is overpowered by the intoxicating, warm smell of coffee that is being served by the peon at that point of time to the other office people. However, nothing can be more annoying when you expectedly look at him for a cup and he conveniently ignores you thinking that you are visitor.
  • You are told by your leader that you can call it a day once youÔÇÖre done with your work. You complete your work an hour before the closing time and feel happy that youÔÇÖll be able to leave early. However, at the last minute, your system hangs and it consumes about an hour to upload your work.
  • On uploading the work, you rush to your leader to inform him that youÔÇÖre done with the dayÔÇÖs work. However, you are asked to wait for just five minutes to discuss the next dayÔÇÖs agenda while your forgetful boss instead gets busy in a meeting.
  • The day which starts on a bad note also ends on a bad note. This belief is reinforced when, after a tiring day, you hurry to get back home, take a bus, roam around the city for half an hour and then realize that you have boarded the wrong one.

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