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Copy Cats

Photocopy From The Best

This column is dedicated to those students who do not attend lectures, take notes or maintain notebooks. It’s for students who gain a superhuman potential to do things at lightening speed during exam time. There is one thing they do without fail and that is maintain a good rapport with the local Xeroxwala. JAM brings you profiles of these most important people without whom our mark sheets would be filled with numbers in red.

Ganesh Xerox, Sion Junction, Mumbai
At the Sion junction, you can never miss noticing the Xerox stores lined up along one side. The most popular among these though is Ganesh Xeroxwala which is invariably thronged by students from SIES and other neighboring colleges. In this tiny store, almost everything gets done – photocopies, lamination, laser print outs, scanning, CD writing. To top it all, it also is a stationary store.

Says Aseem, a final year student, Ganesh Xerox is this small place right outside college, and half the time their machines aren’t working, but I still don’t get how people from college are always there, getting something or the other done. I guess it’s cause it’s in walk-able distance and it’s really cheap.

Says Vinayak Maithre, I am sorry to say this but Ganesh Xerox sucks! Big time! I never go there, because they’re so cold and take so much time to do a simple copying job. But yes, they are the most popular place here. When I have no choice, I use that place because it’s the only copying center that has laser print out facility. All others have dot matrix.

– Surya Ragunaathan

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