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Collin chala Cannes

Xavier’s BMM Student Wins A Dream Trip

At first glance Collin D’Cunha, an advertising student from St Xaviers college, will strike you as any 20-year-old. But once the conversation gets going, you know that he’s got more up his sleeves than is evident. Collin is going to be the Indian student member at the Cannes Lions Festival – the world’s most coveted Advertising Awards. And the icing on the cake is that he’s going on an all expenses paid trip, courtesy the Ad Club of Bombay.

Initially, Collin didn’t believe that he could actually make it. “They ask weird quiz questions like which was the Russian ad agency for Pepsi? Then you make a print ad, go through the group discussion and finally there is the personal interview. It was quite a tedious process,” he modestly sums up the experience.

So what exactly does Collin get to do at Cannes? Besides reclining on the beaches and checking out the hot chicks? Well, from 19th – 25th June, Collin will attend a workshop at the Lions Academy, as well as witness all the award ceremonies and galas. Plus, he gets to mingle with the top brains in advertising.

Has BMM contributed to this achievement? “Bachelor of Mass Media is a course which may come across as ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ but it has opened my mind to different things. I really think it also depends on what college you did it from.”

Collin – who has been a JAM contributor – likes trying out new things, whether its food or films or places to party. He is so obsessed with films that he can watch them in any language. “I’m a sucker for events,” he says, “God knows since when I have been waking up in the morning to watch the Oscars.”

He is now vying for a seat in FTII, Pune in Editing. So has he bought a tux yet for all those red carpet events? “No, I’m hoping to lose some weight and then go and buy one,” he chuckles. “I just want to absorb the most I can of the place because I know I won’t get to go back there often.” Don’t rule Collin out as the One, someday holding one of those trophies and doing India proud!

– Suhani Singh

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