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All of us when in school awaited the, ‘college days’. We wait to get rid of our uniforms and eagerly await bunking lectures but are these romantic notions about the college actually true?

We all come with prototyped, dreamy image about college. It’s all going to a cakewalk and so much fun !

Bellwood makes it look like a fairytale, handsome princes falling for poor girls and vice versa. I agree that it is all about portraying a warm and mushy world but our directors need to use some common sense too. Instead of going to New York for his film preparation case studies, Karan Johar could visit at least one college.

College myths broken-

1) Not everybody comes to college in a hi-tech open air car. We are all not Ambanis man! And let’s face it! Local trains are the fastest and economical modes to travel.

2) It is not necessary that a handsome looking boy is going to fall in love with you on the first day itself. Fun fact: You might not even have a single crush in all 5 years. Boys are really not handsome when they are 16 with minor streaks of beard and carrying hankies, ready to drop them in front of the gal.

3) People don’t dance and celebrate in college whenever a new student enters. (College mein nayi nayi…aayi ek ladki hai!!). In reality, you won’t even realize there is a new person in your own classroom because you yourself would be bunking lectures!

4) There is not going to be any snobbish chic making your life miserable for not dressing up properly.
(Like Kareena in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham).Honestly nobody gives a dam about the way you look.

5) Every college has foyers and staircases. But students have more to college than just sitting
On the stairs and gossiping.

6) You cannot copy in class with the kind of ease shown in movies. We have REAL invigilators.
Writing on your palm or keeping your phone on doesn’t always work.

7) College festivals are not as easily and as quickly organized as shown. It takes a lot of effort And toiling of students for months. Nobody can just start dancing an impromptu “koi mil gaya”
On the stage.

8) Not every college has a huge “British style” building and a big campus with a garden. Chances are that your college canteen would have nothing more exciting than their ‘world famous samosa’

9) Lastly, people do study and attend lectures in college. There are exams in which we have to fare well and presentations and submissions! It’s a lot of pressure.

But all said and done, with all these myths broken in the first year of your college, you shall still love every part of it.

Be prepared for the most amazing five years of your life.

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