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College Fests- Sparsh 2013, SVNIT surat


With SPARSH 2013, Western India will witness one of the biggest
Cultural extravaganza with over 10000 people hailing from around
the state of Gujarat and elsewhere. The Annual Cultural Festival
has been making NIT-Surat vibrant from last 17 years! With the
21st edition underway

Sparsh kicks off with a terrific inaugural night, followed
by successive Singing, Dancing and Fashion Nights, and
finally sealing off the event with a spell bounding celebrity
performance.Sparsh provides a gazebo where the budding
engineers can showcase their uniqueness and claim to be
the holistic idol, a balance of technical education and cultural

SPARSH 2013 is all set to put on fire the four days & nights
and would deliver the best quality of entertainment, along
with whoopee and all-time-favourites other cultural events
encompassing fields of fine arts, dramatics, literature, design and

Over the years Sparsh has built a brand image for itself, with
the likes of K. K., Kailash Kher, Bombay Rockers, Euphoria, Daler
Mehndi, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Gaurav Dagaonkar, Mohit Chauhan
and many other big names performing on the SPARSH stage.

Inaugural night is on the 22nd February. The inaugural night has
always been the best appetizer one could ever get. Comprising of
performances from artists in and around the country, this night
delivers what one would need to kick start a fest. This year SPARSH
would bring in the best upcoming talents from across the country in
a fusion of art and technology like every year.

Singing night is on 23rd February.This night of sparsh
has traditionally always served as the opening night for
performances.The reason being the huge quotient of

entertainment the performances provide. The singers usually
deliver performances that are memorable setting unusually high
standards for college students.

Dancing night is on 24th February. It has always been the crowd
pulling event of SPARSH.It has all the creative freedom in the
world.The spectators would definitely find themselves lucky
enough to witness the most elegant,graceful an exuberant dance
forms ever seen

Fashion night is on 25th February.It always has its share of
shutterbugs and stars.The page3 event of sparsh,this event
showcases not only the dresses but also the designers and the
hidden fashionista in the students.

Celebrity night is on 26th February.A performance by the very
famous duo SALIM-SULAIMAN would not fail to entertain the
audience and leave the spell-bound.It would be an extravagant
closing to the biggest event of western india-SPARSH.

Many informative and entertaining workshops like ‘Self defence for
girls’, ‘Hands On’, ‘Movie Making’ , ‘Body language and etiquettes’
and many other day events like short film competition, band wars
etc would be conducted from 22nd to 26th of February.

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