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Coca Cola India!

No I’m not going to endorse the addictive-unhealthy-caffeine-product Coca Cola here?

There is nothing that is needed to promote this product anymore; you see I have termed the majority of our Gen-x, the Future of India as Coca Cola products!

Thus, the title Coca Cola India!
Cynical much, does that sound? Unapologetic enough to break your expectations.

Smart, techno-savy, quick, adaptable, innovative, ummm… you have any more words to pamper this Coca Cola India? Let me clarify I belong to this is generation too, but I cannot deny the realities of my mighty confused fellow beings.

You call us innovative? Walk down a youth joint and you might not be able to recognize an individual by a mere glimpse from the back, courtesy- uniform hairstyles (coming out of the latest bollywood film), uniform clothing (again heavily influenced by bollywood icons, fashion magazines and the latest heavy stock availability at Link Road or Fashion Street), uniform lingo (“i hd tld u den! I am right ‘na’ sweetheart?”) and uniform tastes (Yes, yusss! I am talking about everything from pasta italiano to marlboro lites)

Where is the innovation/ Where is the originality?
You call us smart? Oh! Yes, we’re not great on general knowledge, but we’re google loyalists! We look up the key words that complete our project and copy paste the first few results on the search results.

You call us mature? Yes! We’re the instant hook-up generation. Everything in our relationships follows the express way, except genuine emotions. PDA and making out in public places is pretty normal, yeah? Thanks to the fact that most relationships begin on facebook and end up with a text message.

Yes, yes! I’m talking about that couple making out in the auto! Then had issues over giving time and finally broke up after 2 months cause they thought it was not working out. You know them? Errr..well common story these days.
Yes! We live our life with a set of weirdly arranged punctuation marks, calling them smileys-
J :/ L :S 😛 K :@ :* ^_^ ({})

The most handy tool while flirting and flattering 😛

We’re so buzy being career oriented (as we pretend and say) that well we don’t have time for real humans. Laptops and Smartphones are our priorities you see!
Don’t we sleep with our phones under our pillow and check it each time we wake up?
Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, BBM! Our world would have crashed without you!!! I swear!!!
Because if you take away flirting, chatting and gossiping from our lives- We are lost and left out with nothing! Venue check ins, picture uploads, statuses, likes, comments, wall posts are religiously necessary!

Our values our more westernized, our judgments more practical and trendy, not necessarily far sighted or wise, though. Ironically, we’re the lot that is easily influenced (specially by western concepts) courtesy- we’re not aware of the richness of our age old values and cultures, or at least believe that they’re so “uncool” and “outdated.” You see, in totality the time concept or the contemporary theory is of much significance in every aspect, be it the choosing Subs (Subway sandwiches) over puri-sabzi or drinking Coca Cola over nimbu paani- we’re trendy and majorly contemporary- not stringed with tomorrow or attached with yesterday.

Honestly, wearing a traditional Indian dress is such a task! Can carry it on occassions, to click pictures but my jeans and tees, shorts, skirts,dresses keep us happy enough! Jewellery? accessorize us with trendy fashions, or there’s nothing less than diamonds that we’d settle for!
And by any chance if you are calling us visionaries? We are call centre bound too, “Jaha Quick Money, Waha Hum Bhi”.

We can sing, dance, party, walk with confidence, openly abuse and criticize our critics, our elders and our government. But well we can do practically nothing?
The motivation to do something shall probably take another 5-9 years.
But atm, (at the moment!) we are living the Coca Cola life! The fizz shall be gone before we realize the reality of a short sighted life!
Not all of us are so lost, scattered, directionless & living in a bubble! Some live with entrepreneurial dreams, IAS aspirations, Investment banker jobs, stock trading, and a big ticket ambition list.

Par hum sab ek hi hai, ek jaise- Assembly line produced Coca Cola bottles hoping to change our mould someday hoping to make a substantial person.
Eventually, all that we all truly crave for is A BETTER life!

Struck hard?

-Parampara Patil Hashmi

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