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JAM’s in-depth rating of top coaching classes.

After the unprecedented success of our call centre ratings, we felt the need to apply a measuring stick to coaching classes and tutorials. A decade ago, coaching classes were meant for weaker students with difficulties in particular subjects. Today, enrolling in a coaching class makes one part of an upward trend helped by the mushrooming of coaching classes all over the country. Whether you are a consistent topper or a ‘border’ case doesn’t matter to them. They can serve you all!
So how true are the claims of their unrelenting advertising? Do you get value for your money? Is the teaching of a suitable standard? Are the toilets clean? Does the discipline make you feel like Tihar? These and many more questions are answered right here at JAM’s Coaching Class Ratings. Several parameters were used, along with first-hand student accounts, to compile a comprehensive rating of five of the top coaching classes in Mumbai.

Grade A+ (Average 6.5+ pts)  MAHESH TUTORIALS
Grade A (Average 6-6.5 pts)   VIDYASAGAR, KALRASHUKLA
Grade B+ (Average 5-6 pts)    VIDYALANKAR
Grade B (Average 4-5 pts)       CHATE CLASSES

WHAT THE RATINGS MEAN? Each grade is arrived at after averaging the points scored over the different parameters.
A+ Excellent, A Very Good, B+ Good, B Average

Mahesh Tutorials

INFRASTRUCTURE (8/10) Mahesh Tutorials has the best infrastructure amongst its competitors. Large and spacious classrooms, big benches, split ACs, clean rooms and toilets. Says Asrial Jhirad, a student at the Thane Castle Mill branch,The AC at Nayak tutorials used to make a lot of noise. At Mahesh it’s noiseless. Only sometimes when two batches are taught together, the classroom becomes crowded. Otherwise, (it’s) fine.Mahesh Tutorials is one of those rare classes that also has generators to cope with power cuts.

FACULTY (8/10) Some teachers at coaching classes do the rounds at more than one coaching class. There is no exclusivity, thus every class has its own ‘good faculty’ member and ‘bad faculty’ member. At Mahesh, most students say that teachers are casual and very friendly. They are all very well qualified and have their concepts clear. They are not text-bookish and teach a lot of extra stuff over and above the syllabus. At Mahesh, every professor has a code. The students address the teachers with their codes. Says a student,For example, Shenoy T sir teaches us Bio. His code is BST (Bio Shenoy T). Similarly, Rakesh A sir teaches us Physics and is called PRA.

Arijeet Sarkar, a student at the Ghatkopar branch says,They are a bundle of fun! Our Bio teachers have this sing-song method of teaching. There are concepts that we need to know by-heart. So, they sing it in Bollywood song tunes. One sir does a lot of animation with his face.

A bunch of students at the Thane branch  chorused,Shenoy Sir is our favourite. He creates an interest in the subject during every lecture; even if we are sleepy, we feel like listening to him. He’s witty!

FEES (4/10) Fees for almost every course are on the higher side compared to others. For HSC + MH-CET batch the difference is double. While others charge Rs 40,000, Mahesh charges Rs 80,000. The fees for HSC Commerce is Rs 16,554. (Please check latest fee updates on their website or help line.)

SELECTION PROCEDURE (4/10) There is no selection procedure for admission to SSC. Admissions to coaching for HSC and further are based on a cut-off decided every year by the tutorial management. However, if you do not make the cut-off, it doesn’t mean you don’t get admitted. Says a student, “In my batch, the cut-off was 175/200 in PCM. The ones who make it to the cut-off form the toppers’ batch. They get extra attention as only they can be the toppers. All those who are below the cut-off form another batch. Also, there are different batches for only HSC students and those who have opted for HSC plus MH-CET.

COURSE CONTENT (8/10) Full fledged printed notes are provided to students across courses.Notes are very good and sufficient. In fact, Mahesh is the only tutorial which has its own publication. So we are given notes from their own publishers which are original; they are not copied from textbooks nexplains a student.

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION/BATCH TIMINGS (8/10)   Timings are flexible. They have different batches throughout the day.There are five batches in all in the Thane branch. So, even if I miss a lecture I can attend it again at any of the other batches,” says Asrial. Every student gets individual attention. The strength of a batch falls within the range of 40-50 students.Our doubts are cleared at anytime. We can approach any teacher any time to get our doubts solved.

DISCIPLINE (7/10)         If you are caught bunking lectures, your parents are informed immediately. This is done even in case you remain absent without prior information. Mobile phones, they believe, are useful to students and thus are allowed.We have to obviously keep it silent or switched off during the class,says a student. But there seems to be inconsistency in this particular rule. While the SSC batches at some of the branches are asked to deposit mobiles at the entrance, the HSC cum MH-CET batches are allowed to carry them.

WEBSITE (8/10) www.mteducare.com       Mahesh’s website is well maintained and is user-friendly unlike those of many others. However, most students say that they don’t feel the need for any sort of online support as far as notes or studies are concerned.

AD CLAIMS vs REAL PICTURE (7/10)         Mahesh plays it safe. They never claim or promise anything in ads before the results. They get good results; have toppers every year from their tutorials. They advertise the toppers once the results are out.Toppers honestly, in any class, are not because of coaching. They are because they have been toppers all their life. They will score high marks even if they don’t go for coaching, says Asrial.


– Bus services for students living far from their centers

– ‘Humse puchho’: a 24 hour hotline during board exams for students to call for doubts and any other guidance

– Goodies given during admission – tutorial bag, calendars, etc

– Regular parent-teacher meetings after almost every test

– 100s of centers all over India; including Bangalore, Pune, etc

– MT Educare caller tune available

– Innovative currency note style brochures

– Award function for students; toppers get trophies and cash prizes

– Picnics, farewell parties, etc


– The location of some of the branches is bad; the Thane, Chembur branches are located in shady localities

– Fees are much higher compared to others


Vidyasagar Classes

INFRASTRUCTURE (7/10)   Classrooms are strictly ok; air conditioned and just about enough room for 30 students. “Even if one extra student lands up during a class, it’ll get crowded. There’s just enough space,” says Rujuta Sonavane, a student.

FACULTY (7/10)   The students believe the faculty is great. Faculty at Vidyasagar are well experienced and ‘from the field’. They have different teachers for different chapters in the same subject. So, specialized teaching!Botany teachers are the best. My favourite is Yogesh Sir. He has a knack for making everything interesting and his concepts are extremely clear. That gives us more confidence,says a student. While Physics, Maths and Botany faculty members are raved about, Chemistry gets the rant.Chem teachers are not so good. They themselves are weak in the subject. Also, most other teachers are professionals; teach, solve doubts and go. They aren’t friendly. The Dadar branch apparently has better Chem teachers,says Supriya Gaikwad, a student         .

 FEES (4/10)         Fees are at par with those of Mahesh Tutorials which means they’re on the higher side.Rs 80,000 for 11th, HSC and MH-CET combined. (Pls check latest fee updates on their website or help line.)

SELECTION PROCEDURE (4/10) Admissions to coaching for HSC and further are based on a cut-off decided every year by the class management. There is a rankers batch, common batch and a repeaters batch.  Says Rujuta,If you have scored above 90% in SSC, you’ll be in the rankers batch. The others fall into the common batch. Also, depending on whether they want CET coaching or not, students shift to other batches. Most students from the repeaters batch clear their exams.

COURSE CONTENT (7/10)         Full fledged printed notes are provided to students across courses.Notes are very good but definitely not sufficient. As in, you cannot entirely rely on them for clearing entrance exams. It’s better to refer to books also. Anyways, notes are just a synopsis of whatever is there in textbooks; nothing original about them!explains a student.

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION/BATCH TIMINGS (6/10)         There is an inconsistent application of individual attention given by teachers to students.Teachers, who are really interested like Devendra sir, can be approached at anytime. Not the ones who just come, teach and go,says a student. Batch timings are comfortable but students say that if they miss even one lecture, there is a long procedure to get permission to attend the same class at another batch.

DISCIPLINE (8/10)   If you bunk even one lecture without prior information, the authorities call your home and find out why you haven’t turned up. It’s a good practice as students don’t take lectures lightly. Moreover, parents have every right to know whether the student attends or not unless pre-informed about the absence. Mobile phones are allowed but should be switched off. They are lenient with late comers. If you plead, you can come inside,says Rujuta.

WEBSITE (5/10) www.vidyasagar.com         The website looks poor and amateurish. There is no particular online support but students say they don’t need it either. Students can check test results from the website by entering roll numbers.

AD CLAIMS vs REAL PICTURE (8/10)         Vidyasagar claims that they have the best results in the field. They do keep their word. MH-CET toppers are from Vidyasagar most of the years including 2008. Then again, these toppers belong to the rankers batch.


– Regular parent-teacher meetings every 2-3 months

– Variety of courses; hotel management coaching, MDS and others

– Located in silent zones; peaceful residential areas, not on main roads or amidst the station inferno.

– Known for their good quality tests series, Vidyasagar has students from other classes also joining the test series

– Award function for students; toppers get trophies and cash prizes


 – Fees are too high compared to others (better infrastructure can be provided since they charge so much)

– Please design a better website; it looks dry and ‘Govt. run’




INFRASTRUCTURE (6/10)         Kalrashukla has air-conditioned, clean classrooms. However, there is inconsistency when it comes to space. While the Chembur and Thane branches seem congested, the Mulund branch is spacious with large benches. Average batch strength is 80-90 students.

FACULTY (6/10)         Again, there is an inconsistency in the quality of teachers. Most students say that some of the teachers are excellent while others are not good enough. The consensus ranges from bad to weird to good teachers. Abhishek Bodkay, a student at the Chembur branch says,Ghosh sir is very good. He drills concepts straight into our heads. All of us love him.Another student (who, understandably, wishes to remain anonymous) says,Anil Mehta sir (Chemistry) is a complete retard. He’s robotic and goes on teaching even when there’s a power failure. His handwriting on the blackboard is tiny.Waqar Rehman, a student from the Mulund branch says,Vijay Shekhar sir for Maths is very good; makes it interesting and teaching skills per se are really good. But he’s a little strict. Most teachers at our branch are strict and not friendly. They take your case majorly in front of the class when you haven’t done your homework.

FEES (8/10)         Fees are far lesser compared to Mahesh and Vidyasagar.         Rs 45,000 for HSC plus CET.         Rs 20,000 for HSC Commerce. (Please check latest fee updates on their website or help line.)

SELECTION PROCEDURE (4/10)         There’s a rankers batch where students who have above 90% marks are admitted. This batch starts 4-5 months before the other batches which are called vacation batches. All students are admitted here. There’s no fixed selection procedure as such.

COURSE CONTENT (6/10)         Full fledged printed notes are provided to students across courses. Students say that notes aren’t sufficient and that they have to study from textbooks also.

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION/BATCH TIMINGS (6/10)         Says Vishnu Kumar, Mulund branch,There is no flexibility as far as timings are concerned. There are just two batches – morning and evening. Also if I miss a lecture, I can’t attend it anywhere else ‘coz all batches are at par with each other.With the batch size being 80-90 students, even individual attention seems elusive. Students say that their doubts are solved after lectures though.

DISCIPLINE (6/10)         Inconsistency seems to be there in every parameter at Kalrashukla. On some days teachers call parents of students to complain about absenteeism. On other days they don’t care.It all depends on their mood. They live on extremes. Sometimes they’ll kick you out of class if you are even five minutes late; sometimes they wont even care that you were absent for three or four days,says Waqar Rehman, Mulund branch. Mobile phones are allowed in some branches (to be kept silent); not allowed in others.

WEBSITE (7/10) www.kalrashukla.com         The website looks decent. There is no particular online support. It has an Answers.com widget on it which is a nice touch, but on the whole a Google is a better option.

AD CLAIMS vs REAL PICTURE (6/10)       Something that Kalrashukla has been advertising about off late is the new scheme for their SSC batch. They promise to return the entire course fee if a student scores less than 80%. This promise, whether is kept or not, is yet to be seen as the SSC batches have just begun. With not more than 30 students per batch and that too only those who have been consistent toppers in the past, this promise doesn’t seem to be tough to fulfill. Anyway, we’ll wait and watch!


– Good website in terms of look and content

– They give lots of holidays for students before exams so they can prepare

– Tests are conducted every Sunday to make sure students don’t keep stuff for the last minute

– Award function for students; toppers get trophies and cash prizes


– Please relocate to better areas that are not shady

– Students who miss a class anywhere should be allowed to attend the same topic again in another batch

– Please chalk out universal rules for your classes and bring uniformity amongst your branches


Vidyalankar Classes

INFRASTRUCTURE (6/10)         The classrooms are big but not painted; white powder sticks to your back if you stand against the wall. They are air conditioned and clean. Benches are small and the students say classrooms do get congested once everyone’s in.

FACULTY (7/10)         The students believe the faculty is great.At least they are better than college faculty. We can understand the concepts, which is a minimum requirement. In college, we don’t even understand which chapter is going on,says a student at the Dadar branch.

FEES (7/10)         Fees are lesser and more reasonable here.  Rs 40,000 for HSC plus MH-CET course. (Please check latest fee updates on their website or help line.)

SELECTION PROCEDURE (4/10)         Like most other classes, they also have cut-offs every year depending upon SSC results. Separate batches for CET and HSC. They also have batches for Olympiad, Homi Babha Young Scientist Exam, etc.

COURSE CONTENT (5/10)         Full fledged printed notes are provided to students across courses.Notes are there but they are obviously not sufficient. They give us written notes also. But I do refer to other books. Notes are just summary of topics,says Abhishek Acharya, Thane branch

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION/BATCH TIMINGS (4/10)         With a small batch of just 40 students, Vidyalankar does very well when it comes to individual attention. However, for IIT-JEE or MH-CET there are just two batches in a day –  morning and evening making it less flexible for students who can’t attend either.

DISCIPLINE (7/10)   If you are caught bunking by the peon or any other staff, parents are called and counseled. “We can’t carry mobile phones or iPods. As in, we have to be careful while doing so. They’ll get confiscated the moment someone sees them inside the premises,says Roshan Jha, a student.

WEBSITE (4/10)  www.vidyalankar.org         The website looks decent. There is an online test series feature.         Yes, we can take the tests online too. The class ones are compulsory though. Online tests are just extra. But most questions in the online tests series are repeats from those of the classroom ones,says Abhishek. The website also gives links of various other relevant websites for specific courses.

AD CLAIMS vs REAL PICTURE (7/10)         Vidyalankar hardly advertises. It has its own fan following and manages to get really dedicated students. Most students preparing for IIT-JEE prefer Vidyalankar over many others, whereas not many MH-CET students opt for Vidyalankar. They play it safe by putting up only hoardings of students who have topped from their class after the results are out.


– Regular parent-teacher meetings, after every major test

– Variety of coaching for tests including NTSE, Olympiad, Homi Babha Young Scientist, etc

– Located in silent zones; peaceful residential areas

– Online test series is a unique idea

– PULL SMS is a facility where students can get their lecture schedule through SMSes


– Website design can be cooler than its current form

– Make original and better notes; they should be comprehensive. A lot of students rant about the notes not being sufficient

-Get better infrastructure and get your classrooms painted

– Just three centres in Mumbai; so students from Mulund have to either go to Ghatkopar or Vashi or Dombivali



Chate Classes

INFRASTRUCTURE (4/10)         Classrooms are large and spacious; benches are small though. No ACs. Almost all their branches are located in shady areas.

FACULTY (3/10)         Faculty is not very good. They are professionals from the education field but somehow students have a lot of complaints. Says a student from Dadar branch, The teachers are not at all competent. For subjects like Math and Physics, you really need to have your basics clear. But here the teachers themselves are confused. Another student from the 2007 batch, Thane branch says,One of our teachers cannot even speak good English. He teaches Physics in broken language and that too from the textbooks. This, even the college faculty does.

FEES (6/10)         Fee amount is very reasonable across courses.   Rs 40,000 for HSC plus MH-CET. At present Chate needs more students, so they’ll call you and say, You can take admission today and you will get a big concession in the fee amount.They did that with us!         HSC Commerce fee  is Rs 20,000. (Please check latest fee updates on their website or help line.)

SELECTION PROCEDURE (4/10)         Like most other classes, they also have cut-offs every year depending upon SSC results. There are separate batches for CET and HSC. They also have batches for NTSE, MTSE and Medical CET.


COURSE CONTENT (3/10)         Printed notes are provided to students across courses.Notes are not at all sufficient. In fact most of the material is copied verbatim from textbooks. Even so there are spelling and printing mistakes at some places,says a student at the Sion branch.

INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION/BATCH TIMINGS (4/10)         Batch timings are flexible and there are three to four batches during the day. Batch strength is not more than 45 students.If I miss a class I can’t attend it another day at another branch. But what’s the use? They don’t have good teachers,says a student at Thane.Teachers are always there to help us with doubts at any time.

DISCIPLINE (7/10)         Bunking too many lectures can get you in trouble.One of the peons once snatched my mobile when I was standing outside the premises. This is weird! And then I had to get my parents to convince them to give it back to me. We had to plead that I won’t carry it again,says Abhay Paunaskar, a student at the Dadar branch.

WEBSITE (4/10) www.chategroup.com         The website has no particular interesting feature to help students. It’s dry and boring. There are even spelling mistakes on the website. ‘Tradition’ is spelt as ‘Tardition’ on the homepage.

AD CLAIMS vs REAL PICTURE (2/10)         Chate claims a lot of things on their brochures, website and hoardings. They say that parents visit classes every 15 days and employees visit each student’s home.My parents have been called just once till now for a meeting after the last unit test. Not even one professor has been to my house ever,says Mrugank Pawaskar, a student who has been attending classes since June ’08. Chate also claims ‘Student who has got 40%-50% can go up to 70%.’ No such records are found though in any of their branches.I was at 60% in the past and now am at 70%. This is not because of classes. It’s because of my parents guidance. And it’s not even in sync with the percentage improvement the class claims,says Mrugank.


– Parent-teacher meetings every 2-3 months

– Reasonable fee amount across courses

– Strength of the batches is low, so more individual attention


– Website design can be much cooler

– Get branches to relocate to better areas rather than chaotic markets and shady places
– Make original and better notes; they should be comprehensive

– Get better infrastructure and get your classrooms air-conditioned

– Ad claims should be real


Note : We have not included Agrawal Classes (Dadar)

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