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Changing Perspective!

As kids, we always thought we knew what we wanted to become. Our “ambitions” varied from becoming an astronaut to a teacher. Then after clearing our boards, we realized that we needed to take this matter seriously. Those who were still confused went ahead and did Science as it offers more opportunities. While some of us were not even sure about our choice of careers even after doing professional degrees. We just got pushed in a certain direction and were forced to follow it.

One such person is Raveesh Dalvi, a 23 year old engineering student at Pillai’s Institute of Technology, Panvel. He realised his potential as a photographer when he took an academic drop for his diploma. This talented photographer clicked pictures with a Sony Cybershot for almost all his events and bought a DSLR just a few months ago. He used to click pictures as a hobby and upload it on Facebook. After a lot of encouragement and praise from his friends, he started his own website called raveeshphotography.com. He was surprised when J.M Kaul contacted him to cover an event. He says, “It was a definite surprise; I did not expect it but, it made me consider photography as a professional career.”

He has since covered 2 events (an engagement and a wedding), 2 fashion shows and 2 portfolios. He did not realise till later in life that he wanted to take up photography as a profession. He was scared to confess about his dilemma to his parents, so he conveniently “forgot” to inform his parents about the 7 initial shoots. But, after he spoke to his parents they advised him to continue his activities as a hobby as long as his academics were not affected by it. They have given him an ultimatum. If he manages to earn 3 lakhs in a year, they’ll allow him to continue down that road. But, he has much to be grateful for. His photographs have been used by two magazines: touchtalent and talex. Whenever these photographs are used, he gets the necessary royalty. And that is a definite milestone in his young career.

As of now, he is forced to carry out the commitment he made to his parents. He is now preparing for his last year of B.E. After his exams in June; he will re-launch his website and do some much needed publicity on Facebook. He says, “This is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life and I hope it works out. The female attention is also a definite bonus!”

– Priteegandha Naik

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