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CET Terror

Don’t play around with the CET schedule. It puts us students in a quandary, says Aaishwari Chouhan.

‘Make hay when the sun shines.’ This holds true in every walk of life, provided the sun shines for an adequate amount of time. All those – in the Science stream – appearing for their HSC board exams are in for a rough time. There are strong rumours that the board exams may get pre-poned by more than a week. Add to this there’s a buzz in campuses that the MH-CET medical entrance exams will be held in the initial days of May, as compared to 2nd or 3rd week of May.

There are 67 chapters in Physics, Chemistry and Biology along with the immensely huge study material, extra information and the not-in-syllabus stuff that students need to study for the CET. And with exams getting pre poned, the students are left with little time to study their languages or even Mathematics. If these subjects are neglected, the aggregate percentage at the HSC board drops down.

Aarti Agrawal, a student of Sathaye College who will be appearing for the MH-CET exams comments, “We definitely need time to prepare. As of now, I have kept my CET studies aside and am concentrating merely on the boards. With 67 chapters in hand I don’t even expect 67 days for preparation after the completion of our boards. This thought shivers me truly. I think they should get back to their concept of conducting the exams in the second or the third week of May. If that happens, that would be great!”

With only 1000 seats for the MBBS courses in Mumbai and over a lakh of applicants, cracking the MH-CET is considered to be a great achievement. It’s all very well for those who can get themselves a place in the
top-notch institutes. But the ones who are not able to clear this entrance and also score very poorly at the boards are left with very few options.

Moreover, students usually appear for more than one entrance test – AFMC (Armed Forces Medical Institute), PMT (North Indian colleges), Association CET (Pvt colleges in Maharashtra) and Manipal CET. With little time in hand, the students are left with no option but to study day & night. Even after putting in hard work there’s no guarantee that the exams will be held on separate days. In 2005, the Association CET and the AFMC exams were held on the same day. Students found it difficult to choose between the two. As one test would open the doors for 150 colleges while the other would mean free education. With hopes that things don’t take such an untoward turn, everyone is craving for some good news.

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