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Cellphone Review: S E K810i

This K790i variant is better looking, 5mm thinner and weighs only 103 g, but functionally it stays at par. The front section is glossy, but finger-print prone. The 240 x 320 screen shows 262K colours. Navigation isn’t easy as the joystick, though smooth, doesn’t stick out enough. The small circular keys do look distinctly attractive, but they are not text-friendly and will take some time to get used to.

It’s a Cybershot phone, so needless to say, the camera is amazing. A 3.2MP with 16x digital zoom, Xenon flash, autofocus and a feature called BestPic – 9 snaps in a second! Photo fix (the only new feature), improves the under-exposed pictures by adjusting brightness, light and contrast in one click. The lens cover is smaller, making it less prone to slide back when in your pocket. The image quality is very high, but lower than the ‘N95 5MP generation’. There is also a VGA camera on the front for video calling.

Music on the loudspeakers is bad, while the headphones are average. FM clarity is good. Unfortunately, you don’t get a 3.5mm headphone adaptor in the box so you can’t plug in your own pair. There are no dedicated music keys on the phone panel or the headset. The internal memory is 64MB. It comes with a 128MB Memory Stick Micro (expandable upto 1GB). The Web browser isn’t upgraded which causes problems, because it can’t cope with non-WAP Web sites. There’s Bluetooth, infrared and 3G connectivity.

It’s more of a makeover than a new phone, and at Rs. 17699, worth buying only if you don’t have a K790i, and are a photography freak for whom sound doesn’t matter. It serves its purpose of being a camera-phone well, so it can’t be criticised much. As they say, with Sony Ericsson Cybershot, see your good shots turn great!

The good – well designed, awesome camera, strong xenon flash, better camera cover than the K790i

The bad – awkward keypad, expandable only to 1GB, slow web browser, no killer extra features over predecessor.

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