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The Urban EarlyMen

There were times they fell, but they got up each time, yet again, because they had stories to tell, and through music they did. The Urban EarlyMen based in Delhi, is a psychedelic rock band and was formed in April 2011. They are Adityan Nair (vocals), Mridul Luthra (lead), Siby Mathew (rhythm), Roshan Roy (bass) and Jayant Parashar (drums). Psychedelic ...

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Kolkata, a place where music breathes in every corner, and  a place where every other week, a group of people get together to make their own rock band. In this very competitive era of rock bands, even thinking of starting a metal/rock band is a big deal, with its own pressure and hurdles like: who will sponsor us?  Unsupportive parents ...

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