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Annoying Bus Conductor Species

If you live in Mumbai, moving about by bus is not always the BEST way to travel, especially when you have to deal the following Annoying Bus Conductor species: 1. The Ass Always has his ass stuck to the seat handles, mostly near the ladies seats. Claims he does it to balance himself in the constantly moving bus. Most likely ...

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10 types of annoying species in facebook

1. Desperate guys who befriend every girl profile without even finding whether if it is fake profile or not. 2. Attention seekers who tag 49 people to his profile picture. They like their own dp and post. 3. Rivals of attention seekers, Brutally sarcastic men who always ruin your post with their heavy dose of sarcasm. 4. Punctual Roosters who ...

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So who is the real item girl of politics ?

The chulbuli item girl, Rakhi Sawant has decided to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Mumbai. Some of his opponents had called Arvind Kejriwal “the item girl of politics”. With the real item girl stepping in, has AK lost the title of the “Item girl”? Is the chaos getting more entertaining on the political front? Rakhi Sawant is known for ...

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Holi Conjunctivitus !

Finally the festival of Colors is upon us, and by colors I don’t mean the channel that does Kapil’s reruns three hundred and eighteen times a day. I’m talking about Holi–the festival that should preferably end with the suffix ‘Crap’. Ideally this traditional festival is about using various colors to make a person completely or partially blind, develop nasty skin ...

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Student Species

Nimish Varadkar takes a look at various student species. Hotel Management His attachment with the course suddenly changes his behaviour. The very same guy who 6-7 months ago believed in burping and talking while eating, suddenly starts displaying a 17th century English etiquette. Never go out with him to a restaurant because he may spoil your appetite by his constant ...

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