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Laugh Out Loud

The Seatbelt Crew: Hilarious Social Message

Hands down humour is the most trending topics worldwide. In India with the scores of stand-up comedy shows and prankster reality shows garnering great television ratings proves that comedy rules. Social message videos are no longer mundane and bland. The new breed of creative minds are literally thinking out of the box and coming up with seriously dope stuff. Who ...

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Sharapova doesn’t know who Sachin is.

maria sharapova

Conversation at a Sachin fan’s house; Oh my god how could she not? She is a sinner. So what if she’s played tennis all her life and there’s no cricket in her country, she should know Sachin, this is a preposterous. We the citizens of God’s (Sachin) own country will avenge it. We will write abusive messages on her Facebook ...

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What does the fox say?

Feeling under the weather or just having a bad day no worries. Music always works great to beat those sorry blues. Music works wonders in uplifting the grumpiest of moods. There are plenty of songs that provide quite a strong punch of rofl moments. Here are a few ridiculously funny songs that will definitely leave you grinning and promise uninterrupted ...

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Vamps’ Affair!

The Indian television industry thrives on daily soaps and we, the audience, thrive on them. The elaborate sets, loud make-up, sneers and smirks and the slow motion focus of the faces; we can never forget them. Ever. The characters are, literally larger than life (read: They return from the dead. On multiple occasions) and their stories, even larger! But the ...

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 So, I’m learning to drive a car, you know, ’cause I’m 18 now, and that’s what adults do. To those of you who have been driving since you were 14, stop laughing and get out. Seriously, I am 18 and barely tall enough to handle the break and keep my head high enough to keep my eyes on the road ...

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What do porn and politics have in common?

Yes. You read it right. I tried to compare between porn and politics. Everyone knew that these two are the oldest in the world. But don’t expect much dirty comparisons here. Gone are the days where people tried hard to find or watch porn. You could find such tapes only at certain places with lot of restrictions. Likewise you should roam everywhere you can to ...

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Happy Dating

mr right

Is he “Mr Right” or is he “Mr. Not the One” So it has been a while since you have been wandering in the much talked about Loveland and kissing frogs, hoping they would turn into prince charming but all you got is swamp’s odour in your breath and bad after taste in your mouth. If you ask me, am ...

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Sati Savitri – extinct species


Maybe I never met any ‘kind’ girl in my life. Maybe I never dated a kind girl or maybe there aren’t any kind girls left on earth. And if they’re present then it’s tough to get to them or find them as they are a rare form. If you are one of those looking for this rare Sati – Savitri, ...

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The Flappy Bird of Politics

Flappy Bird

They say that Politics is nothing more than a game. And judging by the state of India’s politics I’m starting to feel that our game is Grand Theft Auto 5. That would be the only explanation of all the murders, corruption, rapes, scams, and how the culprit gets away with all this in just three hours of jail time. But ...

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Happy Bday Jayalalitha – we gift you the Parliament.

Dear Jaya Amma Happy Birthday! May God give you (and us) the Parliament of India to devour…burp. Amma may you be the next Prime Minister so we can all have lots of Cake. Yours-in-loyalty, “Party animals”

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