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Smartphone industry that’s driving everyone ga-ga

  With a population size growing at a fast pace and posing all kinds of people with different demographics, India surely has evolved as a very matured investment spot among the third world and emerging markets. To substantiate the fact, a few days ago when home grown e- tailer Flipkart announced a fresh round of funding of a billion dollars ...

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10 best moments from F.R.I.E.N.ÔÇïD.S

If F.R.I.E.N.D.S was to be defined in a single sentence, it would be this: the show that gave us 10 years of awesomeness. Every episode, every scene, every character, every relationship and every single second of this show was wrapped with crazy fun and impeccable humour. While it is nearly impossible to pen down the most special or amazing episode ...

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I feel for You!

friends frever

The crippling body blow leaves you numb. With him? Really? Sheeeit!! To all those guys seeking solace in football matches, watching truckloads of seasons after seasons of various series, writing blogs (bunch of loners, really!), playing video games late in the night, listening to rock music whose words, you couldn’t even MAKE OUT without reading their lyrics over Google.. I ...

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Back 2 College – The 5 types you’re sure to meet in college


1. The one with all luck in the universe: These are the ones who, somehow manage to cherish every best thing you ever wanted for yourself. Perfect friend (by this I mean, the guys and girls you always wanted to befriend), perfect look, perfect character, and even perfect score, they have it all. This are the type that can end ...

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Fashion; Monsoon wear – Kitty shoes, Neon sandals

Light & cute, these amazing kitty plastic shoes come in two colors – white and light purple. Openings from sides and front, which lets the water out. These aren’t neon, but definitely comfortable and too kitty! Priced at Rs. 250/- Available at stall opposite Bus Depot (Parivahan Bhavan), Colaba Causeway. Awesome rainy sandals feature neon colors & funky styles. Priced ...

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Snapchat: Why it is a kick-ass strategy for your brand!

When Snapchat made an entry into the market, we weren’t really sure what we thought of it. A pretty cool concept, but we wondered whether it would be adopted by a large number of people. And hey, what is a messaging app if not almost every person is on it! Right? \ Snapchat is a photo messaging application where users ...

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R.I.P. Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews a lovable freckle-faced teenager who came into our lives and became a comic book icon through the immensely popular comic book series has bid us adieu. A transitional series followed the famous gang from Riverdale High School into their adult years after college. This spin-off series called the ‘Life With Archie’ has finally drawn the curtains on its ...

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Mumbai Metro

The Mumbai metro project is a three phase program spread over a 15 year period, overall completion is expected in 2012. The first phase was launched officially on 8th June, 2014. It is one of the most remarkable developments Mumbai has had. It’s certainly a boon to the city and proves to be an efficient mode of transportation. The metro ...

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Prince charming- or not

This one time, my friend told me: “I want a guy who will say I’m beautiful even when I’m hairy as a gorilla.” To which I asked her a simple question, ” Would you call HIM handsome if he was hairy as a gorilla?”. *silence*  We’ve seen it in movies, read about it in books, and dreamt about it over ...

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Top 7 Young Adult books to read

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars has probably been topping the chart of “most read this month” ever since the trailer of the movie came out. People have been shedding countless tears over the beautiful journey of these two very special teenagers who fall in love; a love that crosses some extraordinary bounds of their ordinary lives. Among this ...

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