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How To Become A Billionaire By Selling Nothing: Book Review

Whoa! Did I read the title correct? Sell “Nothing”? Definitely the name caught my imagination sooner than I’d thought. How To Become A Billionaire By Selling Nothing (HTBABBSN) is a piece of beauty by Aditya Magal aka the Fake Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Try googling this name and you’ll find a Wikipedia page stating RJ is an equity investor in India, who manages ...

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The Bunch of Crazy Cousins

Crazy Cousins

As our horizons of modernization are expanding, our family size is contracting from nuclear to miniscule. Living together with siblings and cousins is something which has been much abandoned by this generation. A lot of social, economic, psychological factors have contributed to it. I hail from a family where its members have remained closely knitted with one another. Growing up ...

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The Universe that Chacha Chaudhri left behind

I have had an interesting childhood. Having never been intrigued by sports overmuch (partly because I wasnÔÇÖt good at anything), I used to vicariously lead the life of superheroes, local as well as of phoren import, fighting their battles, facing their dilemmas, adoring their love-interests (ShaktimaanÔÇÖs Geeta, the feisty reporter comes to oneÔÇÖs mind), and saving the world, always in ...

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10 Tips to take care of your skin in the monsoons

The much monsoons are here┬áto stay. Amidst the pitter-patter of rain drops, while our parched senses are getting enlivened by the ÔÇÿsondhi khushbuÔÇÖ of wet earth, nature is once again colouring our lives with its greenery. However, while our minds are getting refreshed after every shower we are still complaining about the sticky humid┬áair, the leaking roofs, the buzzing insects, ...

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How College Changed Me…..

Yeh sachmuch possible hai. Mihir Chitre gets senti thinking about it! Browsing through old photo albums, I came across a cute picture of a naive little boy dressed in his school uniform, who happened to be me. I stopped browsing for a while & stared at the photograph. I looked so different. The photo, instantly, managed to get a mysterious ...

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My Brother… My Life.

So you are this sweet little kid and a Princess for your parents. You are their love, their soul and everything else. Their world revolves around you. Your wish is their command. Every word you speak is iterated and re-iterated (the first word you ever spoke, the first time you said ‘ma’ and ‘baba’ etc). Your parents adjust their sleeping ...

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Date ideas- Worli seaface

Dates mean going out to eat? Different places every time, but just food? I know, I’ve done the same. Lived in Munbai for 20 years and still not seen even half of it. Somewhere in between changing restaurants you realise the romance is going somewhere. So I decided to get some of it back and rectify my situation of being ...

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House vs Greys

greys anatomy_House

“You’re my person” I can’t remember the last time I said that to my best friend; should say it right now, I suppose. If there’s one phrase that has been used commonly and extensively by almost every person who watches tv and has a laptop (yes, I mean it, literally), it’s this one! Though, it was heartbreaking to watch Christina ...

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9 Non-Fundamental Rights of An Indian

Right to Freebies: Lays ke saath Tazo free and comedy ke naam pe nonsense free. After eating a roadside chat, our instinctive quip is: Bhaiya, ek free masala puri dena?   Right to Bargain: When we step out of a branded shop, having bought clothes worth 1000s of rupees, it seems that the autowalaÔÇÖs meter is always wrong and the ...

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HereÔÇÖs to Jam!

jam 19 years

JAM turns all of nineteen today and I feel that the best way for us writers to celebrate our beloved companionÔÇÖs birth anniversary is to appreciate the crucial role that JAM plays in our life. Today, IÔÇÖd like to tell you the story of how a weak moment in my life made me lose my passion for writing and it ...

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