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Top 5 Unknown Facts About the budget

Making the budget is a very confidential process. Few select officials and stenographers work on it on computers completely delinked from all networks. The Intelligence Bureau monitors all activities at all times. Use of cell phones is also completely monitored and even jammed sometimes. All officials working on the budget are completely quarantined and can leave the North Block office ...

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Top 5: “AAM se PM tak”

Prime Minister candidates

Top 5 Prospective Candidates for PM: So who does the aam youth of India see as the PM of their choice and why? Here we take a look on the top five candidates being proposed as PMs of choice by the youth of India and their reasons for it – 1.      Narendra Modi: NaMo is emerging as a hot favourite candidate for ...

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Top 5 things we can BAN!

Top 5 things we should BAN Since our country is at an all time high of banning everything that moves nowadays, I figured why not add a few more things to the list. 5) Akshay Kumar’s Grin: Every time Akshay grins it makes my God shake in his platinum plated golden throne. It is the word of my god to ...

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Lose a Kilo a Week – Book Review

If losing weight is on your agenda then Nishi Grover, a dietitian & author of ‘Lose A Kilo A Week’ claims to know it all. She says that reading this self help book can get you into your favourite pair of jeans in just a month.” The author was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of four. As a result she ...

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How much Power does the Media have

power of media

If at all you are wondering why an article is specially dedicated to the interdependance of media and society, then, lets start on understanding my perception of our society and media. Our Society… What society am I talking about? Groups, communities, states, country? Our society, to me is not restricted to a selective number of people, or merely some people ...

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Why the world ended the day Sachin retired?

1. One small retirement for man (though Sachin is technically a God), 1.2 billion giant retirements (from ODI cricket watching) for mankind. 2. A wand is not the only wooden hand-held object with which magic can be done, there is one more – Sachin’s bat. 3. Engalnd and Pakistan got an early Christmas gift this year, they won’t have to ...

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Interview with Author Rohit Trilokekar

Rohit Trilokekar eats, breathes,and dreams writing. His debut novel ‘The Kitty Buddha’ is a work of fiction although the underlying premise is very real. The book falls into the genre of magical realism and is a fable about a cat’s search for meaning in this life, much like any human being would. In essence then the cat is merely a ...

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Top 5 Celeb Activities on Social Media

1. Brag About themselves and their friends- Can’t name anyone celebrity, because personal PR (SELF BRAGGING) and talking about their own achievements is the major reason for many celebrities to use social media. 2. Flatter the biggies to get some work- Taran Adarsh, Mushtaq Sheikh, Neil Nitin Mukesh are always on the flattering spree. 3. Expose- Poonam Pande and Arvind ...

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Little known facts about Pandit Ravi Shankar

1. His real name was Robindro Shounkar Choudhury and he belonged to a Bengali brahmin family. 2. Pandit Ravi Shankar started his career as a dancer, at the age of 10. But his completely changed when he Ustad Allaudin Khan. He gave up dancing & started learning sitar. He has won three grammy awards during the long course of his career. 3. A ...

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Ways to Punish Rapists

1) Tie a chain link and ball to their privates, throw them from a plane into the ocean. And give them a rusted hexa-blade. They have a choice — They can either drown, or they can amputate themselves by their own hands. 2) Light dynamite, put in inside their pants, wait for it to explode….then repeat as necessary. 3) Get ...

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