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India needs a new mascot for sports

Suresh Kalmadi is totally unfazed – he is contesting for the post of the chief of Asian Athletics Association, i.e he will be representing India! The Kalmadi corruption case was a symbol of bungling and every thing that is wrong with India. Probably he has thought that people have forgotten and moved on. The reality is that Kalmadi still enjoys ...

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‘Swades’ Or ‘Pardes’ – What Is Indian Youth’s Preference?

We bring you serious P.O.V offered by www.halabol.com No, it’s not some bollywood movie where the hero goes abroad and then returns back to India hearing his conscience and works for his motherland. Rather it is the crude truth of India today – 256% rise in the number of Indian students going abroad in last nine years and very few ...

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Movie Review: Raanjhanaa

A memorable swan-song Yes I had a lot of hesitation tog of or Raanjhanaa – will Dhanush deliver in Bollywood, is Sonam Kapoor’s acting still juvenile, A.R.Rahman’s music too seemed a little out of place…but the pieces of the jigsaw did fit to deliver one of the finest love sagas in recent times. Raanjhanaa is about a boy in the ...

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Movie review; World War Z

World War Z

Inspired by the novel World War Z the movie takes the theme but changes the plot to keep things interesting.. unlike the novel the movie is shows the events in a few days from the beginning of the zombie attack to the beginning of its end .. the movie wastes no time to introduce the zombie. Gerry (Brad Pitt) was ...

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Long distance relationship matlab – lots of space?

long distance relationships

A long-distance relationship matlab we get lots of space, no? Heck no! This type of relationship is stuck together with chewing gum. It’s risky and a mind ‘blower’. The first condition is that you had a short distance relationship. Meaning you had once been close and…you know what..now you’re forced to make it long distance(like me). If you satisfy this ...

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Today 6 pm, Non-Fiction Festival, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

rashmi bansal, india, non fiction

Bestselling author Rashmi Bansal in conversation with KN Vaidyanathan about her books, her life, and her work. Today June 22, at 6.30 pm, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. The 3 day festival of non-fiction has the most eclectic mix of authors and celebrities in India. For a detailed schedule visit http://www.indianonfictionfestival.com/

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All time top 5 “romance in rain” songs

Bollywood’s ever endearing obsession with ‘romance-in-rains’ even after 100 years . Ashvita singh lists down top 5. Listen to them with pakodas and tea. Or if you like a little warmth in your romance, she recommends a dance in the rain with that little something mixed in your innocent looking bottle of coke. But be careful – if the cameras ...

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Can dance express the pain of communal riots?

Parinati, a Bharathnatyam solo dance drama will be performed by Aarthy Natarajan on June 22, at Mumbai. Parinati is a painful exploration of a girl’s life, which is traumatized by the death of her parents in communal riots. Categorized in different stages, the Bharathnatyam dance drama accentuates the overwhelming emotions of girl ranging from agony to trauma to revenge and ...

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Your Attention Please

ATTENTION Adjusting in, was his attempt Regardless of favoritism and contempt The surroundings were utterly new He knew whereabouts of only a few He believed in merging with distinctions Understanding people was one of his convictions Who used to lead, direct and stand out Was now directionless at a round about Amongst alike, he usually bossed Then what made him ...

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“Acting Shacting Hai Rabba” – 16 year old debuts on TV

yugishtha, actor, TV serial,

16 years old, young enough to have fanciful dreams and old enough to be highly opinionated. An avid reader, budding writer, music, sports, books and bollywood freak, and an actor (well, almost). Here is how she got flung into the world of TV serials; ACTING-SHACTING, HAI RABBA! After doing a summer camp in acting, I had decided I hate it. ...

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