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Why do the Chemical Weapons Team (OPCW) deserve the Nobel Prize

What work did the UN chemical weapons team do to deserve this prize. Just that they discovered them and saved lives? Snigdha Chotani puts the topic under the microscope. The Nobel Peace prize is awarded for the person or organisation that “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of ...

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Malala: A Childhood snatched away by Fame

malala father and cnn

Malala, the girl shot by the Taliban has climbed the stairs to fame. There has been an outpouring of support for from all corners of the world. Every country seems to be clamouring to recognise her bravery and express their support to her great cause. Her speech in the UN conveyed her passion towards education and her ability to forgive ...

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Things about having a Sibling.

Getting a choke slam and loving it 1) You had to cut your hair because he put chewing gum in it 2) You had to use his old things all the time 3) You always wanted his new toys more than yours 4) You loved beating the shit out of each other for the most trivial things 5) You always ...

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“Fake Celebrities” in the Big Boss


Have you ever seen what actually happens when all the circus performers get together inside a green room? Never! Have you even seen someone making a wildlife documentary inside a luxurious house? Never! Well, then you must watch this show which comes everyday – Bigg Boss, a show where cameras capture the cheap but funny reality of ‘not so famous’ ...

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Game Review- SCRABBLE

Have you ever felt lost for words during an argument? Isn’t it slightly awkward when all your words keep repeating over and over again, like you are reading it out of a textbook? Do you feel that the dispute could have been better if you could have thrown some fancy synonyms for ‘Idiot’? Or on the other hand, are you ...

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The Curious Case of Indian Television

Disclaimer: To all you folks out there, I would like to take this oppurtunity to vaunt a liitle about the week of mind sucking and sweat drenching hard-work that went into completing this article. This article has been a result of unceasing session of watching primetime Hindi TV serials, no matter how agonizing or hilarious they happened to be. I ...

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The F Generation

Gen F is the most opportunistic generation. We have huge number of choices, we want the best. Funny but true! We are the most confused generation who are confused in buying jeans or ordering in a restaurant. Undoubtedly here, our generation has become an F-GENERATION i.e., Fickle-Generation. Big issue! Our parent generation were not provided with too many career options ...

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Game Review; Metro Last Light

Metro: Last Light is the 2nd game in the Metro Series, the first game being Metro 2033. You return to the Metro system underneath Moscow, the only place that escaped the radiation following a catastrophic nuclear war. The beginning of the game assumes that you had made a choice of annihilating the Dark Ones, scorching their home with missiles and ...

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Dear Akhila

foster parent

Dear Akhila, Hope this letter finds you happy and beautiful as you are. I know this letter has taken you by surprise. I was very ecstatic to meet you. Unfortunately, that is not possible now. I take this letter as an opportunity to share my life with you. I know you must have always wondered about my existence. I am ...

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The Teacher’s Revenge.

Teachers! The people who love in filling your class’ free periods with boring ‘lectures’. They were punished so much in their school days, that’s why they take revenge on us. Well, here are a few teachings which are part of the menu from from my favourite teachers. The illogical one (she’s has had enough already before she walked in to ...

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