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Namma Metro, Namma Bane!

The Namma Metro boards can now be spotted on possibly every road of Bangalore with construction material and heavy machinery all competing with one other to further block, already congested roads. The question that now presses on everybody’s mind is, do we really need a metro rail system in our city now? As is the case in any such big project, pros and cons are ...

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Keep going!

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” -Dumbledore We’ve all been there! Those moments when pain and agony take their turns on us, mysteriously. Those moments of hurt, confusion and being lost; moments when you feel amid the darkness, refusing to face the light. You’ll often fall back to ...

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Youth and Elections

“Ask the young. They know everything.” Joseph Joubert said that ages ago; but it seems just about right today as well. It’s the calm after the storm, with our apparent leaders caught up in their petty wars and taking cheap shots at each other,our youth is probably the only thing we can count on; for some little amount of hope ...

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The Cuckoo’s calling Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling): Book Review

Normally, people cannot associate a meandering pace with a detective novel. A detective novel has to be a race against time, it has to be a high stakes game; the protagonist has to be silent, brooding types possessing higher degree of eccentricity and clairvoyance. But reality is scarcely romantic. Cormoran Strike is the non-romantic Sherlock. He isn’t gifted, but he is a trained detective. ...

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Elections on April 7 – U’ve got 15 days to decide.

AAP vote now

Lok Sabha elections begin on April 7. The following state wise schedule shows when your state goes to polls.  Along with our exams, submissions, it is important that we get ready to vote. Get a voter ID: If you do not have one. You still have time to register. Go to www.voteindia.in or Election Commmission of India. This can be ...

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Windows Phone Utility 8 Apps – Have you tried these?

       Toshl finance    Cannot track your money? The month-end arrives in the middle of the month? Yes? Toshl finance is the right app for you. This app lets you manage your incomes and expenses seamlessly. It lets you maintain your budget and export your data to pdf, excel or google docs. What more? You can also access ...

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Interview with Purab and Kirti of JAL

purab, kirti kulhari, jal

The VJ turned actor Purab Kohli and the beautiful Kirti Kulhari who are known for their modern image, don a desi avatar for their upcoming movie Jal.  JAM gets up close and candid with them as they their life and the movie. What’s your role in the movie? Purab: I play a character called Baka who is water diviner, a ...

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Flight MH370, is now ready for departure.

MH 370 tribute

The last announcement heard by the passengers and their relatives, in a hope to reach safely to their destination. But destiny and circle of life had other vicious plans. The plane was consumed by rapid waves on the Indian Ocean and will forever lie in the depths of the sea bed. One of the most shocking and perplexing incidents of ...

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Top facts about GD Naidu- the Edison of India.

gd naidu

Gopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu AKA GD Naidu was one of  India’s great Engineers and Inventors. He could have been the Edison of India for his profound contribution in the field of electrical, mechanical and especially automobile engineering. Today, March 23 is his birthday. *He dropped out of his school during is his 4th standard. He bought a British motorcycle after saving money ...

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Holi is here…Happy Holi

We don’t have Ranbir’s luck, but what the heck – Happy Holi To every one of you who came visiting this site! Have a blast!!

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