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For the love of food

Food is there anything else that can make you feel the way good food does? You’ve had a rough day, and you open your tiffin. 1.) A piece of cake. The relief, The happiness, just knowing that soft, rich taste, sweet, spongy, it makes you day a little better. 2.) Salad and French beans. You know the feeling. AAARGHHH!!!!! Food ...

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The fault in our stars

The fault in our stars by John Green. Don’t get fooled by how simple the book seems in the beginning. It takes you through so many emotions, simplicity, shock, romance, sadness. One minute you’re crying, next minute you’re laughing while crying. It reminds you that no one likes being pitied, and not everyone needs sympathy, the beauty and tragedy of ...

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Oberyn Martell: An Eulogy

“Tell your father I’m here. And tell him, the Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts.” –Oberyn Martell   Before the fourth season began, pictures of the exciting new additions to the cast of Game of Thrones made the rounds of facebook fan pages. While one picture showed a gigantic man cast to play the role of Gregor ...

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10 Hilariously sarcastic tweets on Fathers’ day

Father to son

1. Happy Father’s Day to a dad that will never see this tweet. He doesn’t know what twitter even is. Here’s to you dad. 2.Happy Father’s Day daddy , wait I don’t know you (-; 3.Hats off to all those who didn’t use CONDOM that night. Happy Father’s Day. 4.Happy Father’s Day to all the boys that make their girlfriends ...

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For Dad – Smit T on trying to be the Son,

A week ago, I had a heated argument with dad; argument over a useless issue. Useless would be my term, but for him, it meant 12 hours work a day, at his up scale restaurant in Andheri. He even offered me six hundred bucks, but I blatantly refused it. It was so meagre an amount for working 12 hours a ...

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Book review – A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly.

I just recently finished reading Jennifer Donnelly’s ‘A Gathering Light’.  It’s one of those books that you just can’t put down once you have started reading it! for starters it has a gripping and unique story line. If you are in search of a mild thriller then this book is what you have been looking for! Go get yourself a ...

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Of, Course I love you, Till I meet someone Better!

‘Durjoy Dutta’ one of the cutest Indian writers I have seen. Tittle of his books are also amazing and different. Never judge a book by its cover! Never ever.His books has nothing else but how to break-up and where to make out! The surprising part is that two writer wrote one book and they claim that this is what youth ...

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Priety’s IPL Madness!

In a country like India, cricket is more of a religion than a sport and cricketers are no less than demi-gods.  The other demi-gods who seem to complement our cricketers are our Bollywood stars. An extravaganza has brought Bollywood and cricket really close. The extravaganza named ‘IPL’. IPL bought the stars and cricket even closer; what with some of our ...

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10 Facts you didn’t know about Ilayaraja.


1.Ilaiyaraaja’s real name is Gnanadesikan. His father changed his name to Rajaiya after he joined school. In 1976, Tamil producer Panchu Arunachalm added ‘Ilaya’ as prefix to avoid confusion as there was another popular music composer A.M.Raja 2. In 1993, He became the first Asian to compose a full symphony performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 3. He is a ...

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Super Short Stories

Fairy Tale Ending- Aakanksha Singh As a kid, my mother would narrate fairy tales to me and I would always wish that I could be a part of them, instead of this brutal world. We lived in crippling poverty in a filthy part of town, my mother toiled hard to put food on the table and it was very difficult ...

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