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5 Ways to Find Relationships on Facebook

Facebook is a place where people can connect with their long-lost friends and family. Heck who says that? Facebook is a place where you can flirt, date, scold, make fun of anyone and if possible then you can also fall in love with anyone and get in a ‘virtual’ love relationship even. Very soon it will become a matrimonial website ...

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Top 5 Ways to Know You’re in Bhubaneswar

City of Temples – Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha (formerly Orissa) and is one of the only 2 planned cities in India. Yeah, that’s right Mumbai, we don’t drift in the sewage water even if there is a super cyclone every alternate year. A few years ago, I went down to a very famous college deep down the south ...

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5 Things to follow on Public Transport Buses!

What are the things which move in your mind when you hear about public transport buses? Deluxe! Cheap! Comfortable! Naah! Actually the things which seem to be running in our mind after hearing about buses are : compact, crowd, sweet ladies, slaps and undoubtedly swindler or pickpockets. Travelling in a public transport bus is becoming almost a part of our ...

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All time top 5 “romance in rain” songs

Bollywood’s ever endearing obsession with ‘romance-in-rains’ even after 100 years . Ashvita singh lists down top 5. Listen to them with pakodas and tea. Or if you like a little warmth in your romance, she recommends a dance in the rain with that little something mixed in your innocent looking bottle of coke. But be careful – if the cameras ...

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JAM’s Top 5 Underrated Romantic Movies You Should Watch

Ashvita Singh is a die hard romantic. Here is what she has to say from the heart. Two people meet, fall in love. But love, owing to its intricate disposition, brings its fair share of hardships and hence, all of sudden everything goes wrong. It is only when things try to get little normal, jealous ex-lovers appear and sabotage what ...

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5 summer reads for gals

top 5 summer reads, gals, books

The summer is upon us and most of us have nothing to do. The heat is too much, so roaming around all day isn’t the best idea. So instead of sitting at home and sulking, why not pick up a book and give reading a chance? Here’s a list of 5 books you can read this summer. 1. Can You ...

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Top five disadvantages of not having a boyfriend

Not having a boyfriends these days is such a taboo, that people believe there has to be something seriously wrong with the girl. People just can’t accept that being single could rock and it is actually the case that you are in a relationship with freedom. But being a single woman can have some disadvantages as well. The top five ...

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Top five romantic songs by Yash Chopra

Yash Chopra is known as the “King of Romance”. A lot of tracks from the movies he made, still continue to stand strong on the lists of most romantic Bollywood tracks ever and are remember by the people every time they think of love and emotions. Jam asked its readers and found out what were the five most popular romantic ...

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Unknown Facts About Painter Ganesh Pyne

Ganesh Pyne, Woman the serpent

On 12th March 2013, the world lost a major artist, known for developing his own style of poetic surrealism, around the popular Indian themes of Bengali folklore and mythology, Ganesh Pyne. Here are some unknown facts about him – 1. Ganesh Pyne had witnessed the Kolkatta riots of 1946, and this had a lasting impact on his life as well ...

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Top 5 foods you must eat this Holi

holi food

Holi is just round the corner, and the pichkaris and colours are already coming up for sale in the markets. But any Indian festival is incomplete without food, Holi being no exception. But is Holi only about Bhaang and Thandai? Well, no. Here are five foods you must have this holi (Yes, they are holi-specials!) 1. Mattar ki kheer: An ...

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