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Manipal Calling

BBM ke baad what? Faizan Patel says Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) saved his a** Like many of my friends, I was going through the post graduation trauma of what to do after BBM (Bachelor of Business Management). MBA being my first option, I began preparations for the CAT exam with a hope to get admission into the most coveted ...

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River God by Wilbur Smith-Book Review

A true story weaved in fiction about the rise and fall of the ancient Egyptian Empire. Taita – the eunuch slave and narrator of this captivating tale – is one of the finely carved characters in literature. He is the caretaker, friend, philosopher and guide of princess Lostris – the daughter of the Lord Intef. Taita worships the princess like ...

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NITIE’s annual fundraiser for Navnirmiti

NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering) is organising its annual event on field marketing – ‘Mandi’ on Saturday, July 31st 2010. Every year, for the past 6 years, students from this esteemed management institute roam the streets of Mumbai for a day selling educational items designed by the NGO, Navnirmiti. So far, a huge chunk of this NGO’s funding has ...

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Maximus Stupidus: Loo-natics!

Dr. Freud led a long, busy life, most of which was dedicated to correcting people when they mispronounced his name. “It’s pronounced like Reuters!!”, he’d scream in frustration. His temper was obviously a manifestation of a very complex Complex, which is explained in great detail in his book ‘The Interpretation Of Dreams’, which, as the title suggests, is unmatched in ...

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English made simple for CAT

Sujit Kumar, author of recently launched second editions of English Usage for the CAT (Rs 249) and Reading Comprehensions for the CAT (Rs 299), says, “When I wrote this book, my purpose was to give my students quality study material they could rely on.” “Students need good reading material along with Test material. I have ensured the passages are excellent.” ...

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CANT’een stop this thing we started!

She is hot, she is smart, she moves around with an appetite and has a magnifying glass to inspect food; she is Anika Atwal of HR College, our Detective Foodie Our North Indian Kudi has lived at 11 different places in the North because of her father’s transfers and came to Mumbai three years ago and studies in HR College. ...

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