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Kuch Nahi Hota Hai

Hairy Author and The Awesome Alternative This is a time of great crisis in Mumbai. The monsoon has made life very difficult indeed. The traffic is terrible, the trains are delayed, the buses are packed to the gills and, worst of all, editors of popular youth magazines still refuse to let people come late to the office. What is the ...

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Fluffy Rice Cakes

I saw it everyday for two years of my life. It just sat there on the other side of the window between the kitchen and the dining hall, leaning against the pane. It was always clean as a whistle but unmistakably ancient. The dull grey surface of the aluminium betrayed what must be a career of at least a decade ...

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Maximus Stupidus: Rain Is Falling Chhama Chham Chham!

It’s here! It’s finally here! No, not the Apocalypse. (The Apocalypse happened last week when due to low disk space, I was forced to delete some “important video files”. *Sob*). I’m talking about the monsoon – a time for poetry, for love, loneliness and water-borne diseases. No seriously, I love the monsoon. In fact, if monsoon were a woman, I’d ...

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It is an eternal symbol of love. An image at the very mention of which one is filled with feelings of romance and passion. One only needs to hear the name and suddenly one is transported to a world of red roses, seductive music, powerful emotion, and large swathes of smooth, faultless marble-like waxed man chest. Yes, boys and girls, ...

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