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Split ends

Aahna Gandhi puts together the missing pieces of Ranbir-Deepika’s break-up and reconciliation kahaani ‘Oh Girl, you’re mine!’ None other than our very own Saanwariya is humming this tune these days! Our Sid has finally woken up! Chalo, better late than never, yaar. Recently, he was spotted at a late-night show in a Juhu multiplex with a couple of friends and ...

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Prachi ‘melodrama’ Parekh, who suffers from chronic film flu, shares the symptoms for future case studies Ever since I can remember, I have been suffering from the filmi virus. It’s impossible for me to speak in normal sentences. The fact that I am hooked on to films doesn’t help either. And not meaningful cinema like Astitva or A Wednesday. I ...

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BADA$$ Kompany

Welcome to the biggest, baddest reality show on TV. We are looking for glamorous badasses, scamsters and their ilk. So get really evil, and come out with all guns blazing (Background music: Ganda hai par dhandha hai yeh) Hello, everyone. Main hoon Fahid, oops, Shawheed. Humein talaash thi un kaminon ki, jo ho kuch itne bure, ki hamaare judges bolein ...

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Ever since I’ve landed in this dandy little village called Bombay, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend many a rock concert. Sadly, due to the long association of alcohol with rock music, many of these events tend to happen at places like Hard Rock Café where a pint of beer will cost you as much as a year’s supply of ...

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The Weekly Nonsense

Starting out this month, The Weekly Nonsense will answer all your queries and help you down the path of true enlightenment. Be it any damn thing in the world, the people at WN know it all Why is it called ‘Weekly Nonsense’? Isn’t JAM a fortnightly? Ah, the inquisitive reader, eh? Well, the name suggests that the column is worth ...

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Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Goddess Roadavati: She is above the road. The rules of the road are not meant for her – so she chooses to believe. An overstuffed bag in one hand and clutching a cellphone in the other, she crosses the street like she owns it. Those SUVs that are promoted as Rulers of the Road should be sued for ...

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