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Chemical Locha

Interested in making a career as a Chemical Engineer? JAM brings you gyaan about the field Chemical Engineering is considered the most versatile of engineering branches and with good reason. It combines the work of various professions such as chemists, industrial engineers, materials engineers and electrical engineers, for the production of chemicals and related by-products. The work of a Chemical ...

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Asian College Of Journalism

Asian College of Journalism There aren’t too many true-blue journalism schools in the country. While there are tons of so-called “media schools”, only a handful of institutes offer quality post-graduate programs. However all these courses are broad based – embracing Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Advertising, Media Management, Film, Television and Mass media in general. History The B.D. Goenka Foundation, backed ...

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Sketch Up

Does art define your life? Then pre-production is the field for you. Prachi Parekh draws a report. WHAT IS IT? One of the essential pre-production processes for a film requires artists to sketch the look of characters, layouts, storyboards, etc based on the story. Pre-production is greatly required in animation, gaming, advertising and live-action films. SKILLS “Good drawing skills and ...

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Cell Phone Repair Training

Since mobile phones have almost become like an extension to the human body, this time we bring you a lucrative career option related to the booming mobile phone industry. Here’s introducing what is called Cell Phone Repair Training (Training, Instruction and Documentation). To make a career in this field, all one has do is register themselves for a two-month online ...

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Getting catty over CAT

JAM digs deeper beneath the CAT fiasco and finds that the matter only gets worse Has the CAT gone to the dogs? If you thought the problems with the Common Admission Test, the examination to gain entry to the hallowed portals of the IIMs, was limited to the way it was conducted, you are in for a shocker. It only ...

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