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Engg Rankings

Engineering Colleges: Mumbai Ratings, 2006

Selecting an engineering college is tricky. Brand name, placement, results, faculty, infrastructure, branch, and distance of travel are all important while making your decision. The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) has awarded grades, but ground realities are often different. That is why we at JAM spoke to dozens of students as well as visited several colleges and took expert opinions ...

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Engineering Colleges: Delhi Ratings, 2006

A +Grade NSIT – A sister concern of Delhi College of Engineering, with the same entrance exam, it is the preferred choice for toppers. The campus is located in far off Dwarka. Connectivity has increased with the advent of the metro. Boasts of Moksha, the second biggest cultural fest after IIT D. Attracts excellent companies for recruitment. DCE – The ...

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JAM guide to Engineering admissions

Engineering admissions are always a headache for students. To make things a bit easier, JAM answers some of the most common queries plaguing every prospective engineering student’s mind. College Vs Branch Lots of students find it difficult to decide whether to give top priority to the branch or to the college. If you have the scores to get into higher ...

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