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Tissue engineering

Tissue engineering was once considered a sub field of biomaterials, but having grown in scope and importance it can be considered as a field in its own right. It is the use of a combination of cells, engineering and materials methods, and suitable biochemical and physio-chemical factors to improve or replace biological functions. While most definitions of tissue engineering cover ...

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Pure science

Dr Vidita Vaidya, a TIFR Reader, tells you all you want to know about the life sciences and biochemistry Let’s begin with a glimpse into your background. I did my HSC in Science from Ruia College, Mumbai, after which I went to St Xavier’s College for my bachelor’s in life science and biochemistry. I was not interested in doing clinical ...

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Biotech Woes

Biotech grad Mehul Maisheri writes in response to ‘Biotech boom – but where are the jobs?’published in a recent JAM issue Whenever we tell people we are biotech graduates the immediate expression is: “WOW! cool field!” We just nod and smile quietly. No doubt, our field is so very interesting – extracting DNA/RNA from blood, plant, animals, karyotying, gene sequencing, ...

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