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I’m a software engineer and 26 years of age. I am interested in a filmmaking (direction) course and want to make my career in this field out of India, preferably in the US or European film or television industry. Can you please guide me on the following fronts…

1) I want to take admission in some good filmmaking college in the US or Europe. My concern is that the fee structure is very high. Please let me know some good filmmaking schools with affordable fees in these places.

2) What will be the career path after course? I’m ready to struggle for a good future.

3) What are the entrance exams to join filmmaking colleges in the US or Europe?

Raghunandan K says:
I am studying film making in NYFA New York and I too was a software professional. Before answering all your queries, let me tell you one thing. Try to know yourself as to how serious you are about filmmaking. To know that, attend a crash course or try assisting for a week. If you still believe you have a filmmaker in you, then the following three answers might help you.

Ans 1: Getting admission in any college abroad is not that difficult. In fact, you get a scholarship as well. The challenge is to decide what your area of specialisation is (as in editing, cinematography or direction). Here, filmmaking courses consist of all three and you have to choose your specialisation after the first year. Some of better-known schools include London School of Drama, Sydney School for Films, AFI, USC, UCLA, NYU, etc. All these offer a degree as well as masters. I chose NYFA only because I was interested in direction. In this school, we get to direct eight films and have to be part of nearly 20 movies, so basically, there is more hands-on experience in lesser time (The 3-year course shrinks to one year if you know your specialisation). Most of the students end up regretting joining this place, as they realise that it is not their cup of tea. That’s why my earlier suggestion. The only disadvantage of NYFA is you cannot work!

Ans 2: This totally depends on you. But one way to showcase your talent is in student movies. Most of the best Hollywood filmmakers were short film award winners. This is my way of entering into the main stream. However, there are many other ways.

Ans 3: Go to the website of each university mentioned above and get the information. Most of them ask only for GRE scores.

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