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It is an eternal symbol of love. An image at the very mention of which one is filled with feelings of romance and passion. One only needs to hear the name and suddenly one is transported to a world of red roses, seductive music, powerful emotion, and large swathes of smooth, faultless marble-like waxed man chest.

Yes, boys and girls, we are talking about the creative genius of Himesh Reshamiyya.

Now here at JAM we leave no stone unturned to bring you the true and most relevant story out there. JAM is committed to bringing you the latest in news and current events. This is not easy. It is a tough job to spot a story, follow it up, do the research, collect the facts, write the story and then publish it. And if there is any newspaper that is capable of doing that we at JAM will immediately copy it from their website to bring you the truth and save us the effort.

However when we heard that Himesh Reshamiyya’s Aap Ka Suroor was releasing this week we knew we had to be there ourselves. This was an event of international significance. First hand information was what we needed. No place for shortcuts here.

The acting is excellent. The soundtrack is mind-blowing. The special effects are world-class. The script is worth its weight in gold. The direction is not just good but faultless. The world audiences have heaped praise on it. The depiction of love is soulful, divine and nasal. Those were the reasons why Lord of the Rings succeeded. We just wanted to remind you.

But Himesh is above all that. AKS, a big budget movie shot in Germany, is a story of love, murder, revenge all centered around the hero, HR.

HR plays an India rockstar who in the span of a little more than two weeks manages to tour Germany, fall in love, get drunk, get framed, break jail (dammit!) and finally redeem his love. And in between he repeatedly invokes the gods with a shout of:

Jai Mata Di!

A busy schedule by any means but extremely so when you consider that he had to change in and out of over 23 baseball caps without being distracted by the romance and singing and all. (It may have been 24 but our Editor believes that one of the orange caps was a repeat. This matter is under intensive internal debate at JAM. We will update you on the status in the next issue.)

It is an intense movie in many places. In one scene, when Himesh breaks down and cries, I was taken aback, was dumbstruck and my heart almost stopped because at the time I was choking on a stubborn kernel of popcorn.

Himesh cries a lot in the movie but this is because crying is one of the many skills in his acting repertoire. (His other skills are: “breathing”, “walking”, “waxing” and “not shaving”.)

Mallika Sherawatt is outstanding in the movie and once again proves that she is one of the Best Supported Actresses in Indian cinema. We recently spoke to her on the phone:

Jam: Mallika how would you rate your job in Aap Ka Suroor

Mallika: Oh very highly indeed. Not fake looking at all no?

Jam: Err… Yes… Ok…

Our overview of AKS will be incomplete if we do not mention the cameo role played by three auto-rickshaws in the movie.

Yes. Autos. Three. In Berlin. Yes.

This would be a good time for all of us to jointly say:


In the light of our experience with AKS, and duly acknowledging Mr. Reshamiyya’s role in promoting the wonderful ideals of love, faith and courage we at JAM propose that Mr. Reshamiyya be voted as one of the seven wonders of the world.

So maybe the TAJ MAHAL is made of marble and is a timeless symbol of man’s commitment to love and passion.

Big Deal.

Himesh Reshamiyya can dance like Mithun Da when he is drunk. (See the movie!)

Ten Must-Do Things before you go to see AKS

1.Get at least a dozen caps each. No true Himesh fan will come bare-headed.

2.Ask the box-office guy if the show is full before you buy. The bigger the audience the better the experience.

3.Get all your friends to come with you. Tell them about the hot Ms. Sherawatt

4.What the heck! Get your family along too!

5.Guys buy a cheap body hugging t-shirt and then slit it down to your navel. Wear it to the show. Carry pepper spray.

6.Wax your chest. It must be as smooth as a baby’s behind.

7.Don’t shave for at least a week. A good beard is uber-cool.

8.Bring your girlfriend along. Now she knows what three hours of whining feels like.

9.Now get your friends to sit with you and count out loud the number of caps he wears.

10.Vote for HIMESH!

Sidin Vadukut

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