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The question in 2009 is not “How many megapixels can stuff in this point-and-shoot?” The question is now “How best can I capture someone smiling while he/she is exercising in a swimming pool? At night?” Cameras in ’09 have the answers.

* Sony DSC G3
The G3 is the worlds first camera with Wi-Fi built right into it, so that you can upload all your photos and videos wherever you want to, from within the camera itself. The optics include a 10MP sensor with 4X zoom and the price tag is around $500.

* Samsung Wb500
When you cannot go any farther, go wider is what the R&D guys at Samsung thought when making this mid range zoom camera. It also features two steps of image stabilization for a clear shot and a decent size.

* Panasonic G1
Everyone aspires to take professional shots without having to lug around two tonne SLR anvils that will break your neck and spine. Enter the Olympus-Panasonic Micro Four Thirds system wherein you can expect smaller cameras that allow you to change lenses. This is the first of those cameras. Expect video to become more commonplace in these cameras later this year.

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