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Bullshit Badshah

In this dark age of Bollywood, where we have nothing but remakes and rip-offs on screen, there comes a movie which is set apart from the rest, a movie that reassures your faith in our film industry.

Sadly, I didn’t get to see that movie, so I had to settle for ‘Bullett Raja’.
The first thing that I have to say is that the title “Bullet Raja” is actually a little misleading. It could have been more aptly changed to  ‘Bullshit Badshah’. Don’t get me wrong, the movie isn’t bad, although it is all the superlative synonyms of ‘yuck’.

The story (yup! The movie did have a plot) is based around a muscle brained, trigger happy, no-time-for-haircut, Raja Mishra. However the word Mishra is prounounced like miss world, which makes complete sense because both of them are so fake.  So ‘Missra’ is running away from some goons and he decides to gatecrash into a wedding procession, to hide from the murderous maniacs. There he becomes fast friends with a man named Rudra, because nothing bonds two men faster than liquor, dance, and processions…and I  think you can cancel out the dances and processions part. The two enter into a “SHOLAY” type of friendship, before Saif parts his ways  for a night of some lovey dovey with an item girl; who isn’t particularly fond of sensible lyrics in the song.

At this warm soiree full of gentlemen bhaiyya’s, Raja overhears a plot to kill his new BF (that’s best friend, not boy-friend). Raja then rashly decides to help out Rudra in his fight against a few hundred  men, but this decision leads to the two being dragged into a chaotic world where only guns and muscles rule, where the weaklings are  squashed under the ‘Paragon chappals’ of the powerful, a world filled with misery, pain, and destruction, or as we like to call it  ‘Roadies’.

The story isn’t something you have seen already, it’s basically half good-half bad characters becoming heroes by killing completely bad  men. The character Rudra performed by Jimmy Shergill is authentic; he looks every bit as brash, and mean as the role requires. Saif on the  other hand settles for the ‘angry young man’ look throughout the movie, which is cute especially during all his romance scenes with  Sonakshi.

Sonakshi: I love you..
Saif: Grr….Eye Louve you too. (breaks a flower in half with his bare hands)

Sonakshi is like Kangana, both of them do very redundant roles. But at least Kangana is easy on the eyes. Sonakshi prances about the movie in
Eastman colored clothes like she’s the queen of Bhojpuri films, this adds to the crap quotient of the film. Let’s not even get started on the fact that she has no role, no dialogues, and she ends up being the damsel in distress like always. The movie would have been more sensible if they had taken a “Brokeback mountain” theme instead.

Throughout the movie fights Saif does not fail to remind you constantly that he’s a proud bramhin, He spouts ancient scriptures like they are Salman Khan’s songs. It adds nothing to his character but subtracts substantially from dialog credibility.

Although I have to admit that the dialogs from the movie are ‘fun’. There is plenty of tongue in cheek humour that will make you at least  giggle. If only the lyricists of the songs had taken a cue from the dialog writers then we wouldn’t have to endure the garbled, messed up songs that have nothing to do with the movie.

What makes this movie work is Tigmanshu Dhulia!

He has taken all these elements and mixed them in a proper way inside his vision of the anarchy filled world of politics where only the goons are the heroes. The slack storyline is kept tight and short, it does not falter anywhere and is perfect for audiences who just demand entertainment. Plus there is also Vidyut Jamwal as the gabbar, Dhulia probably saved the best for the last, Jamwal appears almost towards the end of the movie, but just like Mukesh Ambani does Antilla, Vidyut owns the movie single handedly.

Bullett Raja is only recommended if you are a fan of Dhulia, Saif, Sonakshi, Vidyut, or if you want to learn the basics of how desi handmade guns work. 2 stars for Tigmanshu’s direction and half for Vidyut’s action!

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