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BSchool Rankings 2004

JAM B School Report Card 2004 || Cosmode-Businessworld
Outlook-CFore Ranking || India Today Rankings || FAQ’s

The JAM B School Report Card 2004
Whether a B school RANKS a notch higher or lower than another isn’t as important as whether it falls in a generally accepted CATEGORYas regards quality of education and placements. The JAM B school Report Card gives you just that crucial info!

What the grades mean:
A + Absolutely Excellent C Just About OK
A Highly Recommended ? Questionable Value
B + Strong B School Brands * Indicates Specialised B School
B Good Choices NR Not Ranked
C + Above Average
JAM Grade Institute Businessworld Ranking India Today Ranking Outlook Ranking Comments
A + IIM A 1 1 1 Biggest Brand name, best foreign placements, aiming for the global league now.
A + IIM B 2 2 3 Re-engineered itself to emerge a strong no. 2, only minus point – lacks influential alumni.
A + IIM C 4 3 2 The traditional no.2, complacent in recent years. More number oriented than other IIMs.
A + XLRI 5 4 6 Strong brand name, no. 1 in the country for HR, and consistently good placements.
A + IIM L NR 7 4 No special points, but all that goes with an IIM – and thus several notches above the rest. With 2 younger IIMs in the fray now, L has acquired more respect and seniority.
A + ISB Hyd NR NR NR  2 yrs work ex required, fees: Rs 15 lakhs , 1 year course. Faculty, facilities upto int’l stds. Ambitious plans of going global, seems to be getting there.
JAM Grade Institute Businessworld Ranking India Today Ranking Outlook Ranking Comments
A MDI 3 18 4 Rising star but lacks bank/ consulting/ foreign placements. Very good campus, infrastructure, faculty strength a la IIMs.
A SP Jain 9 13 8 Highly regarded for its academic rigour and excellent locational advantage, almost in IIM league. Work-ex apprears to be desirble criteria for admission.
A IIM I NR 9 NR A new IIM, but an IIM nevertheless. Good campus + quality placements due to brand.
A IIM K NR 15 NR Same as above.
A FMS NR 6 5 Placements rock esp. banking/ FMCG sectors, low fees, v. hard to get in if non Delhi-ite, batch size of just 90
A Bajaj NR 8 NR Living on past glory, still enjoys excellent placements thanks to location and alumni base. But notoriously complacent, steadfastly refuses to upgrade facilities, faculty, etc.
A TISS, Mum. NR 12 NR Second best choice for HR after XLRI.
A MICA, Ahem. NR NR NR No.1 destination if u are seeking a career in advertising. Good campus, placements.
A IRMA, Anand 8 NR NR Good education – if u can live with the semi-rural location & slightly unusual placements.
JAM Grade Institute Businessworld Ranking India Today Ranking Outlook Ranking Comments
B + XIM B 10 20 12 Has come up well in recent years. Location is a bit of a disadvantage but shares faculty with XLRI.
B + IIFT, Delhi 6 14 9 The mother brand’s sheen has rubbed off to the MBA course – good brand value.
B + SCMHRD, Pune NR NR NR Great placements, has made a name in the field of HR.
B + NMIMS NR 17 10 Student intake is high, hence placement quality suffers to an extent inspite of its aggressive attitude toward growth.
B + IMT, Ghazia NR 16 10 Good opportunities if you want to do marketing or systems. Other jobs very few.
B + Symbiosis (SIBM) NR 5 17 Now a deemed university, with a decent brand name and mid-tier placements.
B + Sydenham NR 26 NR Gets marks for quality placements, lack of independent campus sorely felt.
JAM Grade Institute Businessworld Ranking India Today Ranking Outlook Ranking Comments
B BIM Tiruchirapalli 23 NR 19 Well regarded but does not evoke as much brand name recognition as it should.
B Nirma 20 21 21 Outside Gujarat, not taken seriously as a brand name.
B GIM 18 NR NR Value for money, good education + satisfactory placements.
B TAPMI 16 NR 13 Among the newer schools, a good bet.
B IMI, Delhi NR 27 14 Decent marketing placements. OK brand value.
B UBS, Chandigarh 15 NR 16 Low fees, decent placements.
B K.J. Somaiya 27 19 22 Large batch size, good campus + infrastructure.
B Welingkar 24 29 NR A stunning new campus, progressive outlook, and initiatives like foreign tie-ups have made Welingkar the fastest rising star on the Mumbai B-school scene.
B Fore School, Delhi 11 24 NR Now attracts good companies and more serious students than it once used to.
JAM Grade Institute Businessworld Ranking India Today Ranking Outlook Ranking Comments
C + LBSIM, Delhi 19 NR 18 Low profile school, reasonably good placements at tier 2 companies.
C + Loyola, Chennai 43 11 NR Coming up as a regional school.
JAM Grade Institute Businessworld Ranking India Today Ranking Outlook Ranking Comments
C IMS, Indore 29 NR 37 Well regarded in the region, but unheard of outside.
C NIILM, Delhi 26 NR NR Relatively new and unknown.
C IIMM, Pune 38 NR 25 Same as above.
C PUMBA 60 NR 34 Was once held in high regard – deteriorating.
C Chetana, Mumbai NR NR 43 One of the oldest Mumbai B schools after Bajaj but unable to capitalise in terms of placements/ brand name.
C SIES, Mumbai 40 NR 28 Mother brand name helps, placements have not been that good but improving
C ITM, Mumbai 34 NR NR Ranked 15 in the BW survey 2003. This year’s # 34 ranking more realistic.
? MET, IES, Rizvi, Jankidevi Bajaj, Jagan, Prestige, Jaipuria, etc. Rankings vary as per institute but none of these feature in the top 25. Many are not ranked at all. Caveat emptor or buyer beware. These schools – mostly less than a decade old have no real brand name or industry linkages. When the economy is booming you just might get a job but 2 years hence if there’s a slump, you’ll be in a soup. Don’t expect too much – know that you will have to work harder to prove yourself. Pick the school which you feel is at least serious about institution building – i.e. campus, faculty, etc.
JAM Grade Institute Businessworld Ranking India Today Ranking Outlook Ranking Comments
A NITIE 7 NR 7 Good brand value and top-notch placements among IT and Consulting sectors, but very few glamorous FMCG, foreign bank jobs.
A SJMSOM 13 NR 12 Enjoys benefits of IIT campus & facilities, but IIT students themselves prefer IIMs.
B + IIT D SOM 14 NR NR Same as above.
B VG SOM KGP 21 NR 19 Location is a problem but IIT brand will help in long run.
B SOM IIT, Kanpur 31 NR NR Same as above.
JAM Grade Institute Businessworld Ranking India Today Ranking Outlook Ranking Comments
C + ICFAI, Hyd 12 10 11 Student feedback not so great. Placements on weak side (refer both BW/ Outlook surveys).
C + Amity, Delhi NT 28 15 Still not a top choice for the serious student or recruiter. Plus point: has resisted the temptation to become a B school factory by setting up branches everywhere.
C ICFAI, Mumbai / Gurgaon 22 / 25 NR NR Large batches, poor infrastructure, rigid course, placements OK at best.
? Other ICFAI centers NR NR NR Course is expensive and placements not commensurate (or even guaranteed).
? IIPM NR 23 (Mum)
30 (Del)
NR Impressive buildings, but the slogan ‘dare to dream beyond IIMs’ is not backed up by placements or education anywhere near IIM quality. More hype than substance.
? Rai 32 NR NR Non existent brand name among corporates, very average placement, if at all.


Cosmode- Businessworld B school rankings
It was the first of the B school rankings to hit stands this year and the only one which is based solely on facts – not perceptions. In terms of number of schools, BW is the most comprehensive (it ranks the top 100). However, at least 10 schools which any serious applicant would put in his/ her top 25 are missing.
* IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode,
* Mumbai – JBIMS, NMIMS, Sydenham
* Delhi – FMS, IMT Ghaziabad, IMI

Certain schools like Bajaj do not participate in any of the B school ranking surveys. Others have participated in the past, but declined this year. Yet others drop out at the validation stage (all the data given by institutes – esp. on placement – was given tough scrutiny).

Whatever be the case, it’s the students who lose out. For example, Fore School has been ranked an impressive no 11 – a rank it would never have achieved had the above missing schools been in the fray. A more realistic ranking would put it around rank 20. So, do keep the non-participating schools in mind when using the rankings to figure out your B school wish list!

The fact that MDI Gurgaon was ranked no 3 over IIM Calcutta generated a lot of heat and ire from the IIM fraternity. As of now – we’d still plump for IIM-C but perhaps this might have the salutary effect of jolting Cal out of its complacency 🙂

As a student you are also advised to look more carefully at two of the parameters – Placements and Infrastructure. These are the areas which make a material difference to you! Areas such as ‘faculty, research & consultancy’ may not be so relevant – lower ranked schools often perform adequately on the teaching front with the help of visiting professors.

JAM verdict: If u are an above average student, do not consider anything below rank 25 with a couple of exceptions eg. Somaiya (ranked 27). Indian Inst. of Forest Mgmt, Bhopal ranked no 17 would not make our list at all!

For the full Cosmode-BW rankings go to www.businessworldindia.com issue dt. Sept. 6, 2004


Outlook-CFore B school rankings
Next came the rankings by Outlook featuring the top 50 institutes. Certain institutes have again not participated, namely – IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, JBIMS, Sydenham, Welingkar, SCMHRD, Goa Inst. of Mgmt (GIM), IIT Delhi Dept of Mgmt Studies, Fore School.

A 20% weightage has been given to perceptions – of students and recruiters. As a student I would again look mainly at placement followed by infrastructure.

If you compare the BW and Outlook rankings you might get a little confused.

eg. ICFAI Hyderabad was ranked 12 by BW – and got a placement score of 226.29/300 (the highest was 280.79 by IIM Ahmedabad)

But as per Outlook’s survey ICFAI though ranked no 11 got a very poor placement score of just 113.86/ 385 (highest was IIM A with 303.51/ 385)

Even accounting for differences in methodology this is a very startling difference. Which ranking should one trust? Honestly – better to track down a friend or senior to get the real picture or pay a visit on campus and have a chat with some students themselves.

IIM Calcutta must be happy to note it’s captured the no 2 position above not just MDI but IIM Bangalore – which many might disagree with. As one miffed IIM B student pointed out, “Outlook’s Executive Editor Sandipan Deb is after all from IIM Cal… ” While that may be the case, IIM C has scored above B mainly on ‘placement performance’ – a fact that is unlikely to be rigged.

JAM Verdict: Institutes ranked below #23 would not cut the grade if you are hoping to derive long term brand and job value from your MBA. A couple of instis like IFMR (Chennai) and Alliance BA (Bangalore) would also not make it to our top 20 list though they may be choices to look at if you are from that region and wish to study locally.

For the full Outlook-C Fore rankings log on to www.outlookindia.com issue dt. Sept. 27, 2004


India Today B School rankings
The same survey was published in both Business Today and India Today. Surprisingly, while BT published only the top 10, IT featured the top 30.

However unlike BW and Outlook this survey – conducted by AC Nielsen-ORG MARG is based 100% on perceptions and 0% on facts. In phase one, 30 top B schools were shortlisted based on feedback from 400 MBA aspirants and HR heads. These 30 were rated on 8 parameters by 5 target groups – students, aspirants, recruiters, young execs and functional heads.

Frankly, this methodology does not lead to results which have any basis in fact.

For example, Symbiosis ranks no. 5 above IIM Lucknow (!).

S.P. Jain is at no 13 below ICFAI Hyderabad and Loyola Chennai

MDI Gurgaon is at no 18 below IMT Ghaziabad and NMIMS.

JAM Verdict: Personally, I would not base a decision which could determine the future course of my life on these ranking! At the most, worth a glance.


Questions which vex MBA aspirants, year after year…
Should I try for the IIMs again?
A: Yes, if…
1) You got one or more interview calls from top 10 B schools
2) You scored somewhere above the 95th percentile and believe you can improve in your weak areas through due diligence.
3) You have two or more years of work experience. Only top B schools will give you a chance at lateral placements. The other best bet for work ex types is to take the GMAT and apply abroad, or to ISB.

No, if…
1) Your CAT score was pretty low – chances of it taking a quantum leap next time round are negligible
2) You aren’t the premier engineering school or general academic topper type who generally make it to the IIMs
3) Time is not on your side (you are a girl facing pressure at home to get married – in that case better take what you get and do the MBA right after graduation)

Should I take up a job/ join another B school and study for CAT side by side?
Working is advisable as long as the job leaves you with some time for CAT prep. You could join another B school, and make your second CAT attempt but keep in mind chances of success are slim. So make sure you are reasonably satisfied with what you have in hand!

I am working – should I do a part time/ distance learning MBA?
If you’re taking it up in the hope of immediate professional enhancement, the short and cruel answer is no! (Unless your company is encouraging/ sponsoring you to do so).

A part time/ distance learning MBA might add to your own sense of confidence, and perhaps enhance your CV in the longer run. But sadly, it’s only the full time MBA from a brand known institute that gives you instant access to the corporate elevator. The rest continue to huff and puff up the stairs.


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