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Bromantic AwesomnessÔÇï: 22 Jump Street Review

This is a story about our ‘So-called’ Heroes from 21 Jump Street, i.e Schmidt (Jonah Hill) & Jenko (Channing Tatum) but they are not going back to High school, this time they are going to College. All the things that happened in 21 Jump Street happen again. What makes it cool is, the movie actually knows it. The first Jump Street movie was totally needless but wasn’t it so much fun? Again, the second one was needless too, but it’s pretty fucking sweet. What makes the sequel awesome is it actually makes fun of the so called summer blockbuster sequels that hit theaters every year.┬á

After watching their movies, I have come to a point where I accept that Phil Lord & Christopher Miller are comic geniuses. They make fun of the fact that this is a sequel and it’s exactly the same as the first one but they don’t break the fourth wall and make it look stupid, they do it sub-textually playing along with the police investigation and it never fails. It was funny every single time.

The sad thing here can be the fact that, pretty similar to The Lego Movie (Again, directed by Phil & Christopher) some of the Jokes go so fast, that it’s hard to catch the drift of it. I don’t usually download films I see in theaters until its a classic, but I may make an exception(though we don’t recommend). This movie is so amazing that I would take the liberty of saying that it reminded me of The Cornetto Trilogy in some way. Similar to Edgar Wright’s films which spoof some kind of genre, these guys make fun of the movie itself and make you laugh your gut off.┬á

What makes it even more awesome is the fact that it’s kind to it’s characters even though it makes fun of college idiocy. There is a certain non-sexual gay-ness in the movie but its handled so brilliantly that you get along with the bromance. I shouldn’t say it but it’s incredibly sophisticated for the fact that all the gags could have resulted as ‘just-gags’ but they are so nicely tied up that it’s unbelievable.┬á

The movie makes a lot of movie references, right from Batman to Scarface to Chaning Tatum’s ‘White House Down’ and it’s hilarious each and every time. Pretty much like 21 Jump Street the chemistry between Tatum and Hill is amazing. It’s like they were made to play these characters.┬á

Final Verdict: 22 Jump Street is possibly the funniest sequel there ever can be. It gets everything right. Go Enjoy this bromantic awesomness with your friends this weekend. You won’t regret it.

P.S: The movie has the coolest end-credits ever. Don’t miss it.

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