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Indian Cricket Fans Begin Fund to Support Sreesanth

Following India’s epic win against Australia in the Twenty20 World Cup Semi-final pace bowler Sreesanth was fined again for excessive appealing. Now a whole bunch of cricket fans have decided to come together and contribute a monthly amount into a Sreesanth Freedom of Speech Fund. “He is an emotional young cricketer who likes to speak his mind. So what if he gives batsmen the look? So what if he give the umpire the finger if the umpire doesn’t?” one of the fans said.

So now everytime Sreesanth is fined for excessive aggressions on the pitch the SFS Fund will immediately send across the requisite fine amount from the fund. This way Sreesanth does not have to worry about losing money for being himself.

When asked about it Sreesanth had this to say: “F!@# you b!@#$!”

Lord Rama says that Karunanidhi does not exist

In a startling turn of events Lord Rama, spiritual role model for thousands of Indians, has declared that Karunanidhi does not exist. “I will believe it when I see his eyes!” Lord Rama said in a defiant mood, “and then I will poke them out with my mythical arrows!”

Things had been simmering between both characters ever since the Ram Setu issue came up. “Karunanidhi” attacked Lord Ram by insisting that the Lord does not exist and did not have an engineering degree in order to build the bridge.

This latest salvo has the country buzzing.

We approached “Karunanidhi” for comment and asked him a question but he didn’t say anything. Probably he was looking in some other direction. We couldn’t make out.

Somebody wins Indian Idol 3

After the successful run of two years when it produced two great musical talents Abhijit Sawant and err… umm… one other amazing singer, Indian Idol 3 has produced yet another national singing hero.

The program was broadcast live on one of those channels on TV yesterday and broke all records in terms of maximum number of votes sent in for a TV program from the channel’s own offices.

The winner, from Darjeeling, was presented with a car and a mobile phone. “This will help him drive around Mumbai looking for work. The cellphone does not actually work and is one of those fakes we keep in shops but he does not know that yet…” said a concerned person for the show.

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