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Why Brazil got thrashed 7-1

The 1st Semi -Final kicks in, Brazil v Germany, two of the strongest teams in the world (and this world cup) with the exit of Silva and Neymar , there was less hope for Brazil to stand out but Luiz and Oscar were the ONLY HOPE of them. Germany had a good squad to start with Ozil , Muller and Hummels.

The kick off begins and both teams were head on, feels like its going to be a great match to watch until the first corner given to Germany that turned into a goal by Muller, still hope for Brazilian fans out there till the second goal in 23rd min by Klose. Till we reached the half time Germany had already thrashed Brazil with a  lead of 5 goals to nil. A Shocking first half.

Fans were still waiting for the Brazil to hit back, something to happen in the next 45mins.  Such is the magic of Brazil!!

Both have a yet another fast start but it was the night for the Germans , 2 more goals till the 90th min and one Goal of shame by Oscar for the Brazil. The 1st semi’s end with Germany totally discarded Brazil from the world cup with a win of 7-1.

It felt before the game that defeat (of Brazil) would be a disaster for the players and people of Brazil. But this was not just a defeat. I honestly haven’t really seen anything like this, I don’t think anybody has.  Glib and empty though it feels to say, it is only sport, and there has to be a winner and a loser. Sometimes defeat is unlucky, sometimes it is undeserved, sometimes it is humbling and horrible and heart-breaking and humiliating. Neymar was not the only one missing in action. It was true of Brazil’s whole defence, discipline and structure. A majestic display of German passing through the centre of this Belo Horizonte pitch will be obscured by the trauma endured by Brazil.

This world cup has been a shocking one with the upcoming of many countries and players but a match like this something unforgettable.

The fans were not just sad but devastated with a not only loosing but loosing like this, A man holding a replica of the trophy and the expression on his face showed how much the team means to the people of the country. Fans not only from Brazil but all over the world were in a state of shock.
Even though I am a fan of the Brazilian team, it was a stunning performance from Germany and a disgracefully amateur turn from Brazil led to a historic result in the first World Cup semifinal.

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