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Brain Research Centre at IISc worth Rs. 220 crore

In India, lot of institutes are looking for the sort of funding that IISc has received from Infosys co-founder, Kris Gopalakrishnan, which is worth Rs. 220 crores. Kris, who chooses to not comment on this, has been looking to fund a research project focussed on biology since quite some time. IISc already had a rapidly expanding centre on neuroscience, and so it was ready to work in this area. It is a one of a kind brain research centre which will be a non-profit society owned by both IISc and Pratiksha Trust, founded by Kris.

This is probably a brilliant way to tell young India that scopes in this field of neurosciences and biology shall boom more and it is time that kids are encouraged to look at research positions in niche fields that truly interest them. Although there are many government institutes like the IITs that want similar funding for their research opportunities and IISc is lucky to have got this chance for the second time, our government should fund such initiatives to bring out the better in these industries. Medical sciences shall benefit a lot from more such research centres since they focus on brain research which has an intense need in the country as well.

With the advent of this project, we can only hope for more such societies to spring and bring more light to a healthier India.

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