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Brain Drain – Unpatriotic, but its for my Survival.

Onions Rs 80 per kg, Petrol Rs 80 per litre and the inflation continues.

It’s a night mare for the middle class people of India they say, but I believe it’s a more cruel reality for budding professionals like us. I had recently completed my Bachelors in Engineering in Instrumentation and have just stepped into the job market. I got my first job as a Project Engineer in Mumbai and saddi toh salary hi Rs 10,000 hai and our parents expect a bright future ahead of us. Two years back I had approached my Managing Director for an increment and he replied “It has just been 8 months you’re around and you are asking for an increment, your seniors haven’t got it yet”. Well I thought how am I supposed to manage my study loan, contribution to house expense and my personal expenses all together?

That’s when I decided to migrate to a different country for a job. I contacted an uncle in the Kuwait and ended up two positions down i.e an instrument technician in an Oil and Gas Industry I started earning 800% more salary than what I used to! Well the job’s shitty, hanging around unprofessional kind of makes me feel 50 years old but at least it pays my bills and I could clear my loan with ease. Frustrated with the unprofessional atmosphere, I now plan to migrate to Canada for a Permanent Residency. After clearing my study loan I analysed that I currently don’t own any asset in India and will have to earn tons of money to invest the real estate sector. Let’s face it everything in the real estate costs in crores of rupees.

If I plan to take a home loan then I’ll have to hold off on other plans, then marriage, then kids… No time to live my life the way I want to. In Canada medical and education is free for people holding a PR, so basically I save 60% of my earnings and my plan to own an asset can continue without any obstruction. I know it’s kind of unpatriotic as my uncle feels but I ask do I have any other option right now?

Brain Drain is the only option for me to make my mark in my life in the next twenty or thirty years. I’m not saying that this is the only option but yeah for a person with my circumstance and with the current scenario in our country, this seems to be the only option. What say?

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