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Book Review – Yours sarcastically

Lately there has been a surge in Indian writing in English, which can be attributed to the growth in paperback. Spurred by Chetan Bhagat, young, working professionals moonlighting as authors started belting out books of their own (being an author has never been this easy; where blogs transform into books overnight!) And we see that the bookshelves are flooded with books about IITs and IIMs and college romances and BPOs and nightclubs and malls – basically what we like to call the young, modern, liberal India.

Yours Sarcastically is Sandeep Das’ debut novel, and very apparent that it is so. Yes sarr, we have the book set in the IIM Bangalore campus, and the story is narrated through the eyes of a freshie who survives the two gruelling years, during which he competes with batchmates, bonds big time with friends, learns to love, gets his heart broken, and then learns to love again, and all that jazz.

The plot is a bit compelling, the writing and you’d find the detailing interesting if you have been a part of hostel life in one of the top MBA or engineering colleges.The characters are relatable again if youre an MBA. However some of the plot lines flew like a bouncer over my head, points are unclear (Okay, maybe I’m the one who’s dumb. But hey, the book reads like it was written for dumb people!) and the language is not particularly elegant.

However Sandeep has brought a story that is refreshingly devoid of the cliched stereotypes like the ubiquitous happy endings. The gladiatorial MBAs slugging it out during the final placements and the pressure and pain of rejection is easily one of the highlights of the book. Still, it doesn’t forgive the shoddy treatment the narrative was subjected to.

Our verdict: An OK first book – read it if you want to relive your MBA/hostel days.

-Janhavi Deshpande

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