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Book Review – Welcome to Advertising, Now Get Lost

Welcome to Advertising, Now Get Lost – Omkar Sane
Written by a 24-year old advertising ‘professional’ who could not stay in the industry for more than a few weeks, this book has some very funny criticisms on the advertising industry. It’s his take on the functioning of an ad agency based on his personal experiences during the short span of time he survived there. Hilariously well written, this book not only is fun but it also helps a reader learn about the various departments and the functions in an ad agency.

What makes the book good is that it includes the various attitudes of professionals from every department- like the tantrums of the creative people, overworked art directors, lame expectations of the clients, and also other aspects such as the ‘brainstorming’, the various pitches and more.

Adding the icing to the cake are the illustrations and the cover design which is innovative doodle art, something that is an inseparable part of advertising. In an effort to being fair to the world of advertising, not one section or aspect of it has been left alone and everything has been mocked about.

Overall, a fun book to read which will also give you some insight about advertising. To sum it up, a must read for advertising professionals and a fun read for others.

– Ravi Ved

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