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Book Review: Shantaram

If you like to read novels written by Indian authors or stories based in India then this book is a perfect fit. Written by an Australian born writer Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram is an autobiography of a former mafia don who spent his time in hiding in Mumbai.

This book is likely to be adapted to fit the celluloid. Johnny Depp would put his feet in Gregory David Roberts’s shoes. Mira Nair known for sketching novels on the silver screen will be directing the film. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? This is exactly why I picked up this book.

Ever since he breaks through a prison in New Zealand where he is convicted for committing various crimes, he flies down to Mumbai where he lives among slum dwellers after being robbed. While here he learns Marathi and Hindi language.

The description of Mumbai is intriguing – and it is a true story. Still alive and pursuing a life as a bestseller author; he has been through that entire episodes he mentions in the novel.

Destiny’s child like they say, he truly is one of them, I believe. Certain episode in the novel I truly enjoyed reading are: His journey to Prabhakar’s village where he sees the Indian village. The standing Babas and his first night in the slum.

The dark world in Mumbai in the 1980′ which is not known to my generation is explained with heavy details. Shantaram is an Epic which is a must read for all book lovers!

– Babita Balan

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