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Book Review Letters to My Beloved

Akanksha Bhatia, a girl who highly resembles one of my Soap Opera crushes, who isn’t even of voting age yet has written a book. A love story called, “Letters from my Beloved”.

Now I’m not the kind of guy who you’d want to review your love story. Being an Atheist about love I will never understand the feelings, the passion and the whatever it is in these stories. But regardless of me having a stone cold heart inside my tin foil chest; this story was actually sweet enough for me to enjoy it.

One look at this book and you’ll think this is just another ‘PS. I love you’ clones. Read on further and you’ll think that it’s slightly borders on Twilight. But there are only some resemblances to these stories, otherwise the story is fresh, it’s a bollywood masala meets modern day Romeo-Juliet.

Firstly the lead character, Sonia Sharma is completely unlike those “No personality” women from Twilight and 50 shades. She has a confident demeanor, has lots of friends, and is slightly confused about her feelings (like all sixteen year olds are). Her love interest Rahul Malhotra, is bloody rich and super handsome, thankfully she doesn’t mention his looks over and over again. He’s also a damn sweetheart and secretly in love with Sonia. Then the other characters like best friend Nisha as the rock steady support, her eight year old bro Abhi changing from annoying brat to the caretaker. There are some moments that are better than the love story itself.

So I  decided that I should let Akanksha know about my thoughts on her book. So I figured, Why not just write a letter, since apparently that’s what all sixteen year olds do nowadays.

Dear Akanksha.

Finished reading your book, it’s very thin, just like Sonia Sharma. You say you are an SRK fan, I easily guessed that when I saw the name of your male lead is Rahul. You apologize for not having a good sense of humor, it’s not needed really. No one reads J.K Rowling Books for her awesome sense of humor; they read it cuz of her story telling talent that to take you to a distant magical land, unreal yet real at the same time. You said you idolize Rowling, you even reflect her writing style. Some of the poetry was mind—wait for it—blowing! Hope they were original?

“So come down from Heaven,
And kiss me in hell.
Put an end to eternity.
Don’t let my pain dwell”
Loved this line more than anything else!

Although if my girlfriend showed up like Rahul does; I’d be screaming my lungs out and dialing the local Exorcist—Hakim Huku Baba. Some of the scenes were too clichéd for my liking, but I guess when you’re in love that’s probably what happens. My only problem with the entire story was that the ending seemed too rushed! It was like you wrote it sitting in an exam hall with only five minutes to spare. It lost out on a lot of impact.

This book isn’t just about the love story, its also about parents, siblings and friends and about their role in your love story.You should keep writing doll, you seem to have good potential. Who knows, maybe one day you’d become “A.B.” the “J.K” equivalent of India.

– your Fan (sitting with Hakim Huku Baba, just in case)

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