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Book Review: Artemis Fowl-The Last Gaurdian.

The latest edition of Artemis Fowl, ‘The last guardian’ was launched on July 10 2012, and sadly I had to wait an entire month to lay my hands on the book.

I was a little apprehensive in reading this final book, since it is one of my most favourite series and I didn’t want it to end. But as they say all good things must come to an end; and I guess that is precisely why the sinister Opal Koboi wants to (surprise!!!) dominate the world.

“Sincere request to all Super-villains! You guys should really get new goals now, aside from world domination and immortality.”

Eoin Colfer has spared nothing in his finale, the storyline goes all out. With an amazing last second escape from the earth’s core to the outside world, to fighting with pirates, mummies, hunting dogs and even Grasshoppers! Add to that, a fat dwarf riding a reckless troll; helping a solar-powered aeroplane to take its first (and last) flight! And that’s just a few things from the story. The destruction caused across the world by Opal’s little drama leaves you in awe… Plus an amazing concept for the famous debate of time travelling, ‘what would happen if ‘you in the past’ were to die?’

Opal- the eccentric genius goes to length of killing herself to gain unsurpassed and uncontrollable powers. The power she uses to raise an army of fairies from legends, and set them against the humans who have threatened to destroy ‘the people’. The ‘Berserkers’ are resurrected and ready to fight a battle, that was long over centuries ago, for their master Opal.

Artemis Fowl, as usual, finds himself stuck in the thick of the entire ruckus. The ‘Fowl Manor’ coincidentally is the burial ground of the mighty Berserkers, and when awakened the spirits possess Artemis’ younger siblings and any other body they manage to lay their ectoplasmic hands upon. So now it’s time for Artemis—the mastermind and his friends, Holly Short-the trigger happy elf, Butler-the muscle man, Mulch Diggums- the thief dwarf with explosive farts, to save the day and also the world like all heroes.

With all his plans suddenly failing one after another, Artemis goes into panic. Out of ammo and outgunned by hundreds, even Holly Short is feeling the pressure. With Butler knocked out by dark magic and Mulch Diggums suspiciously missing in action, will the unlikely duo make it out alive and if possible save this world? Or will Opal Koboi succeed in making this world more useful, like a giant mirror so that she could watch her narcissistic self in it?

Of course they save us! Otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a story would it?

But how they do it is definitely worth reading! Artemis will prove once and for all why he is the real Mastermind! I won’t give you spoilers, but I will ask you to put a firm hand on the top of your head, because you will be mind-blown as you continue to read. So, if you have loved the series so far! Do not miss the epic ending. And for those who are new to the Fowls, read this book— I promise you’ll find yourself searching for the first books.

Meanwhile, Keep reading! Keep smiling

– Adityaa Ingale.

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