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Biz boy on the block

All of 22, Jubin Joshi juggles 3 businesses, is a freelance photographer and has also started his own multimedia company. Prachi Parekh finds out how

Most students depend on their parents for money during college, but Jubin Joshi was already earning by the time he passed out. “Technology has always fascinated me, so when my uncle started a cable Internet service in 2003, I accompanied him to office out of curiosity,” says Jubin. And that’s how it all began. Jubin’s father was handling their shop, Ronak Saree Centre from the same office. “The biggest plus point was that both the businesses were conducted from the same office. So, I ventured into the saree business, too.”
Soon, Jubin learned the ropes of both areas – from talking to suppliers and dealers, learning about different materials to handling saree sales. The biggest problem he faced was breaking the age barrier. He was 18 at that time. “When I met new clients, they would have the ‘yeh-toh-bachha-hai’ attitude. But they paid attention once they saw how serious I was.”

Graphic designer
However, the technology keeda in Jubin landed him in a multi-media course in NIIT in 2004, where he later joined as the youngest faculty at the age of 19 in 2007. Meanwhile his family ventured into constructions, and he enthusiastically joined in.
“I had to know everything since inquiries for sarees, Internet and construction came to the same office,” adds Jubin.
“Business took a backseat and I began freelancing as a graphic designer. I also took up a course in animation in 2008.” Here I discovered my passion for photography. However, the business responsibility fell on his shoulders after his father’s death. And photography took a backseat. “I self-learned through books and with the help of my mentor, Jignesh Solanki, I improved. I even made a facebook page and wrote blogs, which led to freelance assignments.” His achievement came when he was selected for the photo shoot of Nissan 370z this year. He was recommended by Shraddha Kadakia, a professional automobile photographer, whose workshop he had attended.

Juggling work“It’s all about time management and I have a good support from my uncle, Kishore Joshi,” says Jubin, who also began his own venture called Finger Print Multimedia in 2009. “I want to start a car restoration service. I love cars and want to restore all the vintage cars.”

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