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Big Bang Blues gets Bigger Than Blues

Having played together since 2009, Big Bang Blues is out with its debut album titled ‘Bigger than Blues’. The album includes 5 original tracks written and composed by members of the band.

“Each of the songs has grown out of struggles and experiences in the lives of individual members. The album comprises of five tracks composed over the past three years of the band’s existence. The songs reflect various emotions that the members have gone through at some point of time in life,” states Ipshita Roy, vocalist.

She says furthers, “Bigger than Blues, is a philosophy that the band truly follows. The members strongly contend that Big Bang Blues is not just a blues band. We believe that our sound covers a wide range of influences and therefore limiting it to the genre of Blues is restricting the bands possibilities and this is what the title of the band signifies. What defines the Big Bang Blues sound is the fact that we play what we ‘feel’. The music is emotional, soul driven and heartfelt. A blues inspired sound, keeps us rooted to the traditions, while we love experimenting with rhythms, beats and melodies.

All the tracks are streamed online at www.bigbangblues.in & www.reverbnation.com/bigbangbluesband

The album has been released independently and recorded at Plug n Play studios in New Delhi, which is owned and run by Anindo Bose.

“The recording experience was something special. The whole time we were in the studio, it was a magical experience, which cannot be felt live and it’s actually vice-versa. Especially, because playing music live involves a lot of audience interaction, which translates into a burst of energy driven music. When recording you are your audience and it’s really difficult for a band like us, to replicate the same energy without any audience interaction. But at the same time, when you are in a studio, the connection that you are able to establish with your music and your songs, without any other kind of distraction is amazing and special,” recalls Ipshita.

With numerous line-up changes, currently Ipshita Roy is on the vocals, Shivam Khare on the keyboards, Sushant Thakur is on the guitars, Kapil Chetri is on the slide guitars, harmonica, Rahul Sengupta is on the drums & Devang Baheti is on the bass & backing vocals.

Most of the members in the band are full time musicians, with the exception of a few who are currently working in regular 9-5 jobs, while performing music as well.

The band recently got selected to play for Asia’s biggest blues fest called Mahindra Blues Festival, to be held on 16th and 17thFebruary, 2013, with Blues maestros from across the globe!

– Babita Balan

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