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Bhola’s Classes, Mumbai

Branch Manager
He does nothing but sit in his A.C office all day. The only time he comes out is to yell. His hobbies include confiscating I-Cards and threatening the students.
Tip: If he takes your I-Card, go to his office and start speaking to him in English real fast. He`ll give it back.

Mr Kandhani Saphalta Ki Safari
Always seen wearing the same safari suit at every class – has been doing so for half a decade (yuck!), my cousin who’s five years senior my senior told me so. His lectures begin with him bragging about his oldest daughter’s H.S.C. and C.E.T. achievements and end with him listing out his youngest daughter’s S.S.C. and H.S.C. achievements. Haven’t yet got a hang of what goes on inbetween.
Last spotted: Scratching every part of his body (ewww!)

Ms Main Bhi Jayalalitha
Speaks English with a malayalee accent. Looks like a baby elephant dressed up for procession. A total know-it-all, she thinks she is the grandmother of Biology. Spends the lecture drawing diagrams even if they are in the book.
Last spotted: Buying gold from P M Shah (loads of it).

Mr Short Fuse
Walks as if the whole world’s problems are on his shoulders. Teaches as if he’s in a hurry to catch the next flight out of the planet. Gets pissed real fast. Always feels hot (even with four airconditioners switched on) and leaves the classroom every five minutes (for a fag). Detests every other subject known to mankind besides his.
Last spotted: Arguing with Ms Main Bhi Jayalalitha on the ill effects of her subject.

Mr Not(e) Worthy
Comes five minutes early and leave five minutes late. Love giving lots of notes. I personally used 3 foolscap notebooks in one semester just for his subject. Can put an insomniac to sleep.
Last Spotted: Nowhere – we try to avoid him outside of class.

The Peons
Young ,old, with teeth and whithout. Their main job seems to be making sure that the girls and the boys sit on different sides.

– Anupama

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