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Bhavan’s College Ray Film festival

Ray Film festival – A Journey Through The Lens is a Bhavan’s College (Andheri) fiesta which was scheduled from 23rd February to 25th February, 2010. Ray film festival took place for the very first time and witnessed an overwhelming response. This event mainly took place with the motive to promote and encourage young film makers and so also to provide them with a platform to showcase their talent. The name of the event is “RAY” due to two main reasons the first being a tribute to the great legend Mr. Satyajit Ray and secondly the Bhavanites planned to relate the name to “a ray of hope” as the event was happening for the very first time.

Ray Film Festival was an initiative by the BMM students but as told by one of the committee members due to the co-operation of their principal V.I. Katchi the event was put together by students of all streams who came together to make the event a great success. More than 50 colleges across Mumbai participated in this event. There was sectoral distribution of the events which were distributed over 3 days under film-making, literary arts, fine arts and informal heads. There were 14 different types of film-making events. In addition to this literary events like script-writing, fine arts events of painting and informals events like dance, fashion contest were also conducted.

Ray film festival had tied up with Sanskardhaam NGO, which works for the physically challenged that had put up a stall of theirs. Institute Calleguri Melano was suppose to dress the Ngo children for a fashion contest in order to involve them as well. However the signature event that took place was “Screening of Satyajit Ray’s movies” every evening which pulled in the adults and older generation crowds unlike other college events which were meant mainly for the students. The other prominent personalities who came in were Piyush Mishra, Sushant Singh and Sukhvinder Singh who added vibrancy to the closing ceremony. The event came to an end on 25th February, 10 in a unique panache and was a great success.

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