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Bhartiya JAM Party

Bhartiya JAM Party
The party of the masses, classes and asses.

Friends, Romans and conmen – lend us your ear (and money too!) If you are tired of other political parties – who offer you nothing but false promises, The Bhartiya JAM Party is here. To put a smile back on your face.

1. We promise to put a smile on all the people who buy JAM.

2. Unlike other parties, Bhartiya JAM party will not be biased. We will make fun of everyone.

3. 40% discount for all JAM readers, on any Ramleela show.

4. JAM in each and every village.

5. By the year 2040, each child will know the full form of J.A.M.

6. A dog in every home by the year 2020.

7. Free copy of JAM to everyone below the poverty line.

8. Construction of a 8-laned highway leading to Kaliandas Udyog Bhavan (National JAM Headquarters).

9. Special incentives to families who name their first born as Ramchandra.

10. Voting rights for animals too.

Bhaiyo aur bhaiyo ki behno, hamaari nishaani hai “Kutta”. Kutte pe hi mohar lagaaye – kyunki life is a bitch!


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