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Best-of-Five policy stalls junior college admissions

Thanks to the best of five policy of the Maharashtra government, admissions of junior college have been stalled for around 20 days. CM Ashok Chavan had promised that the admissions would start in spite of the dispute, but now it has been announced that the admission procedure will begin once the SC verdict is out. Also, renewal of mark sheets will a take some time.
‘Not a good move’
Sujay Jairaj from trustee of Jamnabai Narsee School says, “The state government since the last three years has been trying to somehow trouble all the students with its last minute unpractical issues. Best of Five is a complete farce and totally unfair for ICSE students and it should go for sure. They have got their answers from the high court year after year. If they feel something is not right, they need to plan a proper strategy in advance with proper advice and guidance from educators. And not to come up with last minute hasty solutions, which in the end affects all admissions and delays the whole system.”
Students upset
Students all over the state are miffed as their admissions have come to a standstill. Relying on the Best of Five policy, many students worked only their strong subjects and the weakest subject suffered a blow as they assumed they would be granted a breather. Now, SSC schools across the state are wondering what the outcome will be… If the SC gives a verdict in favour of the Best of Five, SSC students will not bear the brunt of the situation. However, if the verdict is in the negative, their percentages are likely to take a hit and in turn, face problems in getting a college of their choice. On an average, there is a 5% drop if the marks are recalculated on the basis of six subjects.

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